All the Queen's Horses

All the Queen's Horses

7 p.m., Oct. 22, Yoder Recital Hall. This film describes how the city comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, Ill., embezzled $54 million from the town over 20 years. Following the screening, a panel will discuss practices for preventing fraud.

Business Studies

A degree in business studies at Bluffton will prepare you for more than just a job. You'll be ready for your career and life. Studying one of our business majors will help you develp skills across a wide variety of subjects — economics, accounting, management, marketing and finance.

In addition to a solid foundation of business courses, Bluffton offers many opportunities outside the classroom including internships, our resource at the Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs (BCE) and student organizations.





Accounting major/minor

Accounting is the process by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarized, interpreted and communicated to owners, managers and other interested parties. In short, accounting is the language of business. (Price, Haddock and Farina 2012)

Bluffton has a strong internship program and strong placement after graduation. Our accounting students and graduates have worked for public accounting firms, non-profit organizations, manufacturers, financial advisors, and local and state government agencies.

How does Bluffton compare?
Bluffton participates in the ETS major field test to measure students’ subject knowledge and ability to apply facts, concepts, theories and analytical methods in the semester before graduation. In recent years, Bluffton students have performed exceedingly well on this exam.

In six of the past seven years, individual Bluffton students have scored above the 80th percentile. In three of those years, some of our students have scored at or above the 95th percentile. 

Emily Griffith

Emily Griffith ’18 took part in three successive internships. “One thing definitely emphasized with all three internships has been work-life balance, which is something you don’t really think about in college."
>>> Emily's story

Jordan Stutzman, Beaver-Falcon MAcc Scholarship

One Bluffton graduating senior with an accounting major is awarded the Beaver-Falcon MAcc Scholarship each year. This a Bluffton-Bowling Green partnership includes a full-tuition award plus a paid graduate assistantship leading to a graduate degree in the BGSU master of accountancy program.

The 2019 award was presented to Jordan Stutzman.
More about Jordan >>>

Bus - accounting JSwartzlander 2018

Required courses for a

The accounting major can be completed in three years by dedicated and ambitious students.

Guidelines to complete a major in accounting, for students beginning fall 2019 and after

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Ohio requires candidates sitting for the CPA exam to have earned 150 semester hours of academic credit. Bluffton requires a minimum of 124 hours for graduation. Options for the additional hours include adding a second major, internships or graduate studies. 

Learn how you can earn 150 credit hours at Bluffton.

Business administration 

Whether you are an entrepreneur who plans to start your own business, you envision working your way up in an established business or managing a non-profit organization, a major in business administration will give you a great start.

Courses required in Bluffton University’s business administration major will help you develop core skills across a wide variety of business subjects - including economics, accounting, management, marketing and finance – with concentrations based on your interests and career plans.

WE EXPECT that our graduates will serve as leaders and valued team members in their organizations. In our classes and through travel and study opportunities out of class, we create opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills and learn to influence teams in helpful ways.

Diego Rodriguez

Diego Rodriguez, a 2004 business administration graduate, now serves as education manager in the NASA communication and public outreach division.

In 2016, he was presented Bluffton's Outstanding Young Alumni award.
More about Diego >

Jason Summers

Jason Summers, a business administration and accounting double major, has spent the two semesters as well as a summer learning outside of a traditional classroom setting. The Vanlue, Ohio, native has gained knowledge in his field by taking part in three successive internships.

More about Jason 

Concentrations within the business administration major:

    This concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in the fields of insurance and finance. Courses in the concentration focus on the areas of risk management, financial management and financial investments.
    Human resource personnel manage people in the organization. They deal with the areas of recruitment, training, employee relations, compensation, health, safety and separation. Additionally, they deal with the impact of government regulations and the demands of society.
    Students are exposed to issues and practices related to trade across international lines. Students interested in a career in international business may consider adding a minor in international studies or adding a major or minor in Spanish.
    Learn to problem solve in a constantly changing business environment. The application of management theory to actual practice helps students grasp the fundamental body of knowledge that is vital to success in contemporary business operations.
    Students will gain knowledge of marketing research, marketing strategies, target markets, pricing, distribution, new product development, promotion, advertising and consumer behavior. Students interested in marketing may consider earning a minor in graphic design.
    Learn about the unique accounting and management issues that are found in state and local government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations.
    This program is designed for students who prefer a broad business preparation for a variety of careers in business, government, public or social service organizations. For the program, a minimum of 9 hours is selected from department courses representing the various disciplines.

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Explore the courses required for a

The following FOUR-YEAR PLANS are guidelines for course selection leading to a business administration major for students beginning in fall 2019 or after. The sample plan for students in placed in pre-calculus  has one less course than the plan for students placed in college algebra. 

Dedicated and ambitious students may complete their bachelor's degree early by following this three year plan.


The economics program helps students develop an understanding of the economic systems which influence societies. Bluffton's economic program is centered on the historical, institutional and philosophical economic models that have been the traditional core of economics. Our economics courses focus on analytics and data synthesis. 

Economics graduates from Bluffton are employed as analysts, administrators, researchers, teachers, computer analysts and law professionals at organizations such as Marathon Oil, British Petroleum of America and various Mennonite institutions.  >>occupational outlook

Dr. Jonathan Andreas

Despite understanding the uphill battle he is undertaking, Dr., Jonathan Andreas is attempting to change the way economists and world leaders measure well-being. For years, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been the standard measurement of well-being, but Andreas recently presented his original research in an effort to sway world leaders and fellow economists toward another standard.

“I absolutely think MELI has the potential to improve lives. Economists agree GDP is a bad measure. The problem is nobody has been able to agree upon a better measure."  More about MELI

Josh Ehlers '19

Joshua Ehlers ’19 spent a summer in the heart of Washington D.C., learning about the economic divide on each half of the Anacostia River. Through classes and internship opportunities, Ehlers served the community, gained first-hand experience and explored social diversity while participating in the Washington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC).
Josh's story

general classroom 2018

Explore the courses required for a

The following COURSE PLAN is provided as a guideline for course selection leading to an economics major in four years for students beginning in fall 2019 or after.

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student. Three year plan

Information technology

The information technology (IT) major provides students a range of educational coursework in computer science, web development, graphic design and business. Our graduates are employed in IT fields such as web design, application development, help desk support, IT security or become entrepreneurs.

The IT major is frequently paired with a minor in graphic design or business administration to enhance the student's career opportunities. During the past seven years, all IT graduates have found jobs in their field of study before or shortly after their graduation.  >>> occupational outlook

Austin Every

Austin Every ’17 experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. The information technology major and graphic design minor earned an internship at NASA in Washington D.C.

"I'm using everything I learned at Bluffton University and NASA in my career today. Thanks to those experiences I am reaching my goals.”
>>> Austin's story

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Explore courses required for a

The following COURSE PLAN is provided as a guideline for course selection leading to an IT major in four years for students beginning in fall 2019 or after.


While at Bluffton, students conduct research, study consumer behavior, create marketing plans for products and businesses and pitch their ideas to professionals.

Through both on-campus and off-campus experiences, many marketing students choose to supplement their coursework through volunteerism, internships and practicums or even serving in focus groups with local businesses and organizations. Students participate in mock trade shows to sharpen their presentation skills.

Marketing students can add relevant minors in graphic design, communications or IT and still graduate in four years. A marketing concentration is available through the business administration major.

Jim Dwenger

Bluffton’s business program has a long history of undergraduates getting internship placements with the Speedway chain of retail gasoline and convenience stores. Most of the placements resulted in careers for the Bluffton students who served internships with the company.  
The Bluffton-Speedway alumni network

Bus Marketing Marathana class 2018

Explore the required courses required for a 

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student. Compare the three-year plan and the four-year plan for students beginning in fall 2019 or after. These plans should be used as a guideline to plan your studies at Bluffton.

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