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Residence life staff


Each hall has a hall director and each floor has one or two student resident advisers. The staff members are employees of the university who live in the residence halls and are responsible for maintaining safety procedures, supporting the objectives of the university, and implementing programs of the student life division where friendships are formed and personal growth is encouraged.  

Residence Life Mission Statement
Residence life will create an environment of hospitality while advocating for holistic student development. 

Professional staff:

Tyson Goings

Tyson Goings
Director of residence life
MA, Liberty University 
BA, Bluffton University


Eli Herman
Jacob Morton-Black
graduate intern, residence life
MA in progress, Bowling Green State University
BM, Ithaca College


Tovah Wilson

Tovah Wilson
graduate intern, residence life
MA in progress, Messiah College
BS, Messiah College