Grace Albrecht Art Gallery

“Beyond Nature’s Realm”

Works by Steve Woodruff and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Judith Greavu
Aug. 17 – Oct. 11 , 2020

Woodruff Redrock Ribbon Greavu
"Redrock Ribbon" by Steve Woodruff   "Elliptio Mussels and Susquehanna River Eels" ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­by Judith Greavu


Steven Woodruff

Steve Woodruff’s art is a collection of fine art photographic landscape and nature prints. The images are composed using a technique of intentional camera movements to impart an impressionistic and often abstract or surreal quality to the works.

Nature's Magic Carpets by Steven Woodruff
Sedona Stairway to Heaven by Steven Woodruff
Gold Rush in the Aspens by Steven Woodruff
Reflections at Day's End by Steven Woodruff

To see more of his works, visit the Bluffton University Art Department Facebook page >

Judith Greavu

“Inspiration for my art making has always come from very concrete experiences with nature or natural events. As a child, growing up in rural and coastal Florida, the experiences were continual from weird fantastic insects in my Mother’s unusual flowers to strange sea creatures in coastal rocks after a storm. Big ideas, like achieving aesthetic impact or saving the environment may grow from developing the art but it always starts with that initial, tactile experience with the specific.”

Springs Geology 1 by Judith Greavu
Tide Pool with Shrimp by Judith Greavu
Marsh Nest by Judith Greavu
Mussels, Freshwater Pond, by Judith Greavu

To see more of her works, visit the Bluffton University Art Department Facebook page >

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A wide array of media is annually presented by professional artists in the Sauder Visual Arts Center Grace Albrecht Gallery. 

Planned exhibitions

Oct. 19-Nov. 25: On Every Street by Ken Arthur: mixed media and found objects
Opens to the public: Monday, Oct. 19
Final day of exhibit: Nov. 25 

  • The journey requires that viewers move beyond looking and knowing and considering the concepts of function versus form. Once we learn an object’s name it is extremely difficult to see it for anything other than which we know it to be.

Jan. 13-Feb. 28
Painter Frier Vince Petersen and Ceramicist Steven Cheek

March 15-April 10
Senior Exhibit, mixed media

April 20-May 9
54th Annual Student Juried Exhibition, mixed media