Fly/Drive Bluffton

BU campus drone shot 2016

We want you to visit, so we are determined to make it feasible for you to get here. We created the Fly/Drive Bluffton program to provide financial assistance to students who have to travel long distances to visit campus. 

Fly Bluffton

If you live 300 miles or more away from Bluffton, we can provide financial assistance for you to travel by air to visit. Call the admissions office and we will help you make the arrangements. We encourage you to consider visiting during one one of our special visitation events like Discovery Day.

When you visit, bring the receipt for your ticket and we will reimburse you for half the fare. When you enroll at Bluffton, your account will be credited for the other half of your airfare. The maximum total amount of reimbursement will not exceed $500. Your visit must be pre-arranged with the admissions office to qualify for the Fly Bluffton program.  

Drive Bluffton

We also offer financial assistance for students who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, or for those who want to bring the whole family! If you live at least 250 miles from Bluffton, we will reimburse your drive to visit campus at a rate of 15 cents per mile up to a maximum of $100. Keep track of your mileage and let us know upon arrival. Again, we encourage you to consider visiting during one of our special visitation events, but personal visits during the week also work well.

For more information, contact the admissions office at:
1-800-488-3257, ext.1