Emergency contact system

Bluffton students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up to receive text-message or e-mail notifications in the event of an emergency on campus.

This system will be used in the event of an emergency (campus closure, natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), plus a once-a-semester test. The two primary modes of notification will be text and e-mail.

To verify that your information is accurate and complete:

  • Sign in using the web page https://www.bluffton.edu/Alert
  • Your user id is your Bluffton University network user id and password.
    • For students this is the same account you use to register, check your class schedule, check grades, etc.
    • For Faculty this account is used to check class rosters, enter grades, photo class lists, etc.
    • For Staff this account is most commonly used to check the status of budgets.
    • If you do not know your account information please contact the Help Desk at 419-358-3600.
  • Verify that your cell phone number has been entered correctly, add it if it is missing.  Click on the Confirm/Update button to have a confirmation code sent to you cell phone.  In the text of the message you will find a 4-digit code; enter this code on the web page.  Please note that it might take a minute or so to receive the text message.  If you do not receive a confirmation code double check that the cell phone number is correct.  Although not recommended, if you do not wish to receive text alerts you can delete the cell phone number and select Confirm/Update.
  • You can provide up to two email addresses in addition to your Bluffton email address.  After entering these addresses click on the Update button.

If you have any questions or run into problems please contact the Help Desk at 419.358.3600.