Fall 2019 Forum Schedule

Forum is Bluffton's weekly gathering of students, faculty, and staff for interdisciplinary conversation and discovery. Forum begins at 11 a.m. in Yoder Recital Hall unless otherwise noted.

Fall Forum 2019 Beth Taylor Mack

Dr. Beth Taylor Mack

AUG. 27 - “The Power of Relationships: How Connectivity Impacts Well-Being” - The health and wellness advocate challenges students to evaluate the health of their relationships with a “relationship roadmap.”

Two options are available for the Sept. 3 Forum presentations.


First year advising forum

OPTION 1 - First-year students meet faculty in their chosen academic programs or staff who provide support for deciding on a major.

Fall Forum 2019 Kathy Dickson

 Kathy Dickson ’03

OPTION 2 - STUTZMAN LECTURE HALL -  “Discernment on Purpose — Checking in on Your Best Life” - Especially designed for sophomore, junior and senior Bluffton University students, this forum provides reflective and practical support for addressing college goals in the context of the bigger picture of your life.


Fall Forum 2019 Jane Wood

Dr. Jane Wood

SEPT 10 - “President’s Reflections and Bluffton University Initiatives in 2019-20” - Bluffton’s president reflects about higher education in 2019 and explores Bluffton’s road ahead for the university during the coming year.

Fall Forum 2019 Sean_Shane Leuthold

Sean E. Leuthold ’88 and Shane M. Leuthold ’92

SEPT 17 - “The Policy of Stop-and-Frisk and its Impact on American Civil Liberties and the Right to Privacy” - The judges evaluate the background, expansion and future implications of the stop-and-frisk policy, particularly how it can lead to unconstitutional racial and ethnic profiling. 

Fall Forum 2019 CrossCultural

Cross-cultural presentation

SEPT. 24 - Bluffton University students report on their spring 2019 cross-cultural experiences in Bolivia, Botswana, Chicago, Israel/Palestine and Kentucky.


Fall Forum 2019 Conrad Weaver

Conrad Weaver

OCT. 1 - “It’s Not My Problem … And Other Myths About the Opioid Crisis” - The director and executive producer shares how spending two years immersed in the opioid crisis changed his perspective on drug addiction and those caught up in its web of destruction.

Fall Forum 2019 Heroins Grip film

Film screening

OCT. 1 - EVENING FORUM Film - “Heroin's Grip”- The film tells stories from the front lines of the heroin and opioid crisis.Following the screening a panel of local social service providers will discuss the challenges depicted in the film.



No Forum

OCT. 8- Fall break

Fall Forum 2019 RandyKeeler

Dr. Randy Keeler

OCT. 15 - “Christian Faith and Academic Life” - The associate dean will reflect together with a panel of current faculty on the role of faith in the university from a variety of Christian traditions.

  Two options are available for the Oct. 22 Forum presentations.

Fal lForum 2019 Keith Faber

Keith Faber, Ohio Auditor of State

OPTION 1 - “Business is Better in the Sunlight” - Using real examples, Ohio's auditor will discuss the important of checks and balances, internally and externally, to avoid fraud and corruption.

Fall Forum 2019 Obi Martin

Obi Martin ’20

OPTION 2 - READING ROOM, MUSSELMAN LIBRARY -  “When Spells Weren’t Cast But Written” - The English major discusses writing, slamming and publishing the “p word.”


Fall Forum 2019 All Queens Horses film

Film screening

OCT. 22 - EVENING FORUM Film:  “All the Queen's Horses” - The film describes how the city comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, Ill., embezzled $54 million from the town over the course of 20 years. Following the screening, a panel of area bankers and public accountants will discuss practices for identifying and preventing fraud.


Alumni forum

OCT. 29 - “In the Field: Helping Others Live Their Best Lives Through Social Work” - The panel of social work alumni, Shae Golden ’18, Megan Gonyer ’10 and Jake Stabler ’13 and moderated by assistant professor of social work Heidi Mercer considers how social workers keep clients and themselves healthy in the field.

 Two options are available for the Nov. 5 Forum presentations.

Fall Forum 2019 Melissa Florer Bixler

Melissa Florer Bixler

OPTION 1 - “Becoming Atheists: Worship Among the Gods” - The Mennonite pastor and author invites us to take cues from the earliest Christians to become atheists toward the gods of our day: late stage capitalism, white supremacy and religion-infused nationalism.

Fall Forum 2019 April Horton

April Horton ’20

OPTION 2 READING ROOM, MUSSELMAN LIBRARY - “From Bluffton to Honolulu: My Astronomy Research Experience on Oahu” - The physics major discusses her summer research position at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii investigating the role played by the densest cluster environments in galaxy formation.



Performers: Ted and Company

NOV. 5 - EVENING FORUMPlay:  “Discovery: A Comic Lament” - Ted Swartz and Michelle Milne perform a play by Alison Brookins that explores the “Doctrine of Discovery” by looking at the love of land, loss of land and what it means to “own” something.

Fall Forum 2019 Eloisa Amezcua

Eloisa Amezcua

NOV. 12 - “The Shape of a Poem” - The award-winning poet examines the relationship between form and content and the ways a poem can be a container for the truths it aims to convey.

Two options are available for the Nov. 19 Forum presentations.

Fall Forum 2019 Alaina Shearer

Alaina Shearer

OPTION 1 - “Eyes Wide Open: Reality Bites and How to Deal” - The founder of a national professional women’s network shares her personal and professional journey toward positive social change.

Fall Forum 2019 Jenna Liechty Martin

Jenna Liechty Martin ’07

OPTION 2 - STUTZMAN LECTURE HALL -  “Why Living My Best Life Depends On You: Camp as a place of Interconnection and Joy” - The camp director shows how camp and retreat experiences provide opportunities for genuine connection and community that are essential for living our best lives.

Fall Forum 2019 Glen Guyton

Glenn Guyton

NOV. 26 - “Living Well. Living My IDEAL Life” - The denominational leader and cultural competency advocate offers practical tips on how to live our best life by navigating today’s culture and responding to the divine call. 

Fall Forum 2019 MusicChristmas

Bluffton University Music Department

DEC. 3 - “Christmas Festival” - Ensembles from Bluffton’s music department perform compositions that prepare hearts and minds for the Christmas season.