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Programs Designed for 
Contemporary Learning 
Winter 2018
Health Sciences: The Bluffton Way 
Engineering New Opportunities
Bridging Differences 
Bluffton Classes that Inspire
Dr. Jane Wood: President-elect 
Alumni Feature: Carlton & Harlene Steiner
Faculty 360: Jackie Wyse-Rhodes

  Winter 2018

Spring 2017 
Community and conversation
Botswana to Bluffton
Goodbye GDP, Hello MELI
Breaking Barriers
Faculty 360: Sally Weaver Sommer

Fall 2017 
Jackie Fox '02
Marlena Ballinger '14
Roel Galvan '01
Darby Benroth '12
Dorothy Lovell Jones '06
Mark Leinbach '16 
Faith-based MAEd
Faculty 360: George Lehman 
Alumni Feature: Barb Stettler
Alumni Feature: Marvin Hall 

Fall 2016
The future of exploration
The future of international health
The future of global nutrition
The future of neutronic research
Alumni Feature:Diego Rodriguez '04
Alumni Feature:Judy (Mull '63) Pierman

  A Community that Touches Home
Winter 2017
President Harder reflects on 3/2/2007
A community that touches home
For the love of the game

Winter 2016
Diego Rodriguez '04
Dr. Sarah Cecire
Devony Miller '19
Malika Thompson '18
Megan (Babcock '07) Morris
Jared Lehman '97
Knowlton Science Center announced


A place That Inspires
Spring 2016
Finding inspiration through fitness
Finding inspiration in the classroom
Finding inspiration in the lab
Faculty 360: Luke Myers

Spring 2015
A foot in the door
Fast start at Speedway
Alumni: Josh Sauder '02
Alumni: Dr. David Yost '83
Faculty 360: Tim Byers '75


Fall 2015
Bringing people together
Serving the global church community
Trustee makes experiences possible
AlumniCharlie Stapleton, Marcia GallantFaculty 360: Duane Bollenbacher

Cross-cultural Learning
Summer 2015
Making a difference
Alumni journey to Jerusalem
Alumni featureBrandon Freytag '08
Alumni feature: Francena Tate '13
Faculty 360: Dr. Martina Cucchiara


Sports administrators
Fall 2014
Bluffton graduates - In the Game
From Bluffton to Macon: Classmates reunite
Faculty 360: Dr. Darryl Nester '88

Arts in our Community
Spring 2014
Hitting the right notes
Making something out of nothing
Alumni feature: Alex Woodring '12

  Making a difference
Winter 2014
Service: an enduring, and visible, value
Alumni feature: Don Diller '65
Alumni feature: Cindy Langenkamp MBA '06

Living history
Fall 2013
Building Futures from the Past


Making their Mark
Spring 2013
The various ways alumni make a difference
Dietetics internship

Science - And more
Winter 2013
Optometrist Embraces Service, and Competition
Software architect also at Home Outdoors
"Stylish" Scientist, Biker Likes Research, Riding


Fall 2012
Extending Our Reach: A Campaign for Bluffton
Becoming A Scholar
Expanding Online Learning
HOME Building
Targeting Teaching
Preparing Registered Dietitians
Remaking Recruiting

Congregational Ministry
Spring 2012
Congregational Ministry
Alumni Features
Youth and Music Ministries


Fall 2011
Bluffton entrepreneurs
Bluffton Entrepreneural Center
Alumni award recipients

Living with Enough
Spring 2011
Living with Enough
Being Present
Winter 2011
Faculty scholarship
C. Henry Smith Scholars
2010 alumni awards

Extending Our Reach
Fall 2010
New academic programs
Alumni features

  Bluffton women
Spring 2010
A woman's nation
Alumni features

The places we learn
Winter 2010
Feature story
Alumni features

  Art at Bluffton
Fall 2009
40 works of art you can't miss on Bluffton's campus
Led to Serve
Summer 2009 -
How Bluffton graduates give back through voluntary service
  Helping People Help Themselves
Spring 2009
Wherever help is needed, social workers are there
Alumni features

Winds of Change
Winter 2009
See how the winds of change blow
Alumni features

  New Faces, New Perspectives
Fall 2008
Alumni features

Global Connections
Summer 2008
Educating Ohio's workforce
Alumni features

  Touching Home
Spring 2008
Touching home

Healing and hope
Summer 2007
Healing and hope


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