Special interest organizations



The Bluffton student body supports friends, classmates and floormates on the field, court and diamond. Cheerleaders get the crowd involved and entertain during halftime of football and men's basketball games.  

College Republicans


The purpose of this organization is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party, to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government and to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service to the party and the community.


Brave SpacesBrave Spaces

Advisor: HEIDI MERCER, EXT. 3209

Brave Spaces is a student led organization that seeks to promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere by working to raise awareness of and support to students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, on a continuum of sexual orientation and gender identity, and their allies (LGBT+).


Fault linesFAULT LINES

advisor tba

Fault Lines is a club that focuses on line dancing. If you do the Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide, then you're already a line dancer. Meetings will be twice a week, one on a weekday and one on the weekend. In addition to the classes on campus, there may be future opportunities to go to a line dance convention.; We will also go to local venues and take lessons from a professional instructor. We will dance to different music genres, learn beginner, intermediate and maybe even advanced dances.




The purpose of The Gaming Club is for Bluffton students to get together with each other and learn new games (both video and board games). The events that we would hold would be wind-down events for students to come and have fun playing games with others through a combination of board, video, card and trading card games. 


Bluffton IConInternational Connection - Bluffton ICon


International Connection (ICon) is not your ordinary club; it is a gathering of friends from around the world. There is no official membership but rather an open invitation to all students to develop friendships that thrive beyond planned activities. A weekly email is sent to interested students to announce upcoming ICon-sponsored events. ICon activities are open to all Bluffton students, including weekly gatherings in The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center, as well as group activities both on and off-campus. Your involvement in ICon is welcome at any point in your Bluffton experience so bring a friend and join us! Contact Louise Matthews to be added to the email list.



Advisor: ZACHARY WALTON, EXT. 3082

The purpose of this organization is to enrich the campus community by offering students the opportunity to learn about Eastern culture through films and DVDs which portray the unique religion, myths, art and history of Japanese culture.


MCBMarbeck Center Board (MCB)

Advisor: Kevin White, ext. 3218

Marbeck Center Board (MCB) serves as the main student programming group responsible for planning and executing events. The events are designed to cultivate community on campus through shared experiences.

While it operates out of Marbeck Center, MCB programs many activities including variety shows, game nights and traditional campus favorites like Dam Jam and Finals Breakfast. Marbeck After Dark (MAD) events occur every Friday night at 9 p.m. Build Your Own Aquarium, Chipotle Night, Tie-Dye, Harry Potter Night and The Roommate Challenge are just a few of the offerings during the school year. In addition, MCB hosts bingo with prizes of a different theme every Monday.

MCB membership is open to students from all majors and class standings. At least two seats on the board are reserved for incoming first-year students starting in the fall semester. Serving on MCB is just one more way students can answer the question, “How are you involved on campus?”

Check out the MCB Facebook page for event information!


Multicultural Student Organization (MSO)

Advisor: Tyson Goings, ext. 3306 

Multicultural Student Organization is the sum of organizations formerly known as African American Student Organization (AASO) and The Bluffton Latina Society (BLS). The vision of Multicultural Student Organization is to shift from its exclusiveness and to bring together students of ALL cultures for the purpose of building awareness and promoting diversity in the Bluffton community. We hope to encourage better race relations and contribute to Bluffton University's anti-racism work on campus.


Peace ClubP.E.A.C.E. Club


P.E.A.C.E. stands for Peace Education and Action Community Endeavor. The organization's purposes are to educate students about current peace-related issues and to encourage and organize appropriate action in response to these issues through consciousness-raising endeavors. 


PALs chalk eventPeer Awareness Leaders (PALs)

Advisor: RAE STATON, EXT. 3449

Peer Awareness Leaders (PALs) is a student-led organization that coordinates programming relevant to today’s college students. Issues such as healthy relationships, substance use and abuse, mental health, suicide awareness and prevention, stress relief and domestic violence have all been the subject of events in recent years. 

PALs members strive to be influential educators who bring a diverse awareness to the campus community so students may make responsible decisions. The organization is an extension of the Bluffton student life office and consists of student volunteers.


SAAThe Student Alumni Association


The Student Alumni Association at Bluffton University, in accordance with the mission and goals of this institution, is committed to strengthening relationships between current students, alumni and the university, and developing an awareness of the importance of supporting Bluffton University and preserving its traditions. Its members will support events created for students and alumni and encourage participation in and interaction at such activities helping to cultivate relationships and to communicate the importance of stewardship to the university.


Sustainability ClubSustainability Club


The Sustainability Club is a group of students that meets to coordinate efforts on projects to improve the environmental sustainability of Bluffton University. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, majors and interests, and one does not have to know anything about sustainability before joining. The club focuses on collaborating on student-led projects that can change Bluffton and on educating the student body on conscious living in regards to creation. The type of projects undertaken by the club will vary depending on the various interests of members, but can include projects such as an annual Sustainability Report, energy saving challenges and an educational week.

>>> Sustainability Club website


ultimate frisbeeUltimate Frisbee

Advisor: DARRYL NESTER, EXT. 3483

The purpose of this club team is to have fun and fellowship while playing Ultimate Frisbee competitively with peers at Bluffton as well as at other schools.


Women's circleWomen's Circle

Advisor: JULIE DEGRAW, EXT. 3248

Bluffton University Women's Circle serves both women and men by creating community and by bringing about awareness of topics of interest to women through activism and advocacy both on and off campus. Women's Circle will be involved in outreach  and consciousness-raising efforts and advocating for change where it may be needed to better the quality of all women's lives. At the heart of Women's Circle's constitution is the belief that no one member is more liable or responsible for the organization's maintenance or activities.  All members are equal in importance. In keeping with Bluffton's policies of respect and non-exclusion, all Bluffton students, whether female or male, are welcome to participate.


Young Americans for Liberty


This organization seeks to train, educate and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle" and to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates and direction of our government. 


Young DemocratsYoung Democrats

Advisor: PERRY BUSH, EXT. 3278

The purpose of the Bluffton University Young Democrats is to pursue the ideals of liberty, justice and freedom for all.  The pursuit of these ideas is through support of the Democratic Party and its ideas, ideals and candidates.