Academic Clubs

Art club

Art Club

Advisor: Andi Baumgartner, 419-358-3446

The purpose of the club is to offer students an opportunity to engage in academic discussions and participate in activities concerning the broad range of topics pertaining to the visual arts. Art Club will support the arts by sponsoring field trips to museums, gallery openings and artist's studio visits when and where possible within the framework of a workable budget. On campus presentations of visual arts material and/or instruction will be sponsored by the Art Club under the supervision of art department faculty.


Alumni Night, BEO event where graduates teaching in their first year come back and share with the BEO undergrads. 

Bluffton Education Organization (BEO)

Advisor: Tim Byers, 419-358-3428

President: Makayla Noble
Vice president: Morganne Faler
Secretary:  Levi Smith
Treasurer: Makenzie Speakman

The purpose of the Bluffton Education Organization (BEO) is to develop in prospective educators an understanding of the education profession, to advance the interest and welfare of students preparing for a career in education and to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards and attitudes. There are both formal and informal meetings in which students share ideas and concerns.

Members will have opportunities for service projects relating to professional growth including tutoring, various disability awareness opportunities, local and state conferences, campus education activities and other related experiences.


BEO members will have various opportunities to network with local teachers and administrators as they share at our meetings throughout the school year.

Business leaders

Bluffton University Business Leaders (BUBL)

Advisor: Jason Swartzlander, 419-358-3406

President:                                               Kiera Suffel
Vice president:                                        Josh Ehlers
Treasurer:                                               Abbie Parkins 
Secretary/marketing coordinator:          Beth Weigandt

Bluffton University Business Leaders hosts events that offer guidance in resume and cover letter writing and networking. BUBL provides its members the opportunity to gain broader perspectives and insights into the business field. This is accomplished through club meetings and gatherings where planning and organization for business-related events are discussed.


Bluffton University Nutrition Association (BUNA)

Advisor: Deb Myers,  419-358-3229 

President: Alexa Lammers
Vice president: Jessie Gibson
Secretary: Hannah Stephens
Treasurer: Lindsay Horn

The Bluffton University Nutrition Association is composed of students interested in the profession of nutrition and dietetics and related fields. The organization is designed to provide opportunities for professional development, service learning and social activities. Bluffton University Nutrition Association is affiliated with the student member section of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Numerous leadership opportunities are available both on- and off-campus events.


Bluffton University Student Nurses Organization (BSNO)

Advisor: Sherri Winegardner, 419-358-3242

President: Kylie Brock 
Vice president: Christian Zapata
Secretary: Paige Lawhorn
Campus/community coordinator:  Madison Huffman

The purpose of the Bluffton University Student Nurses Organization is to encourage interest in the study and practice of professional nursing, provide for the dissemination of professional information related to nursing and health and provide student representation in matters of professional nursing and nursing academics.

Our Mission: The Bluffton University Student Nurses Organization seeks to inspire and support students with an interest in the study of professional nursing and health, to prepare students to successfully engage in leadership and professional opportunities, to disseminate professional and employment information, and to promote lifelong Christian service within the field and to the community. 

The Bluffton University Student Nurses Organization aims to assist pre-professional students to develop skills which will equip them to serve their patients, co-workers, employers, community and God.  This organization aims to nurture leadership, collaboration, integrity, education, service and diversity.  


C. Henry Scholar

C. Henry Smith Scholars

Each year, a maximum of 15 new C. Henry Smith Scholars are chosen by the university's Special Studies & Honors Committee. Juniors and seniors with grade point averages of at least 3.3 may be recommended by faculty and be invited to apply for membership, a process that includes writing an essay.

Membership criteria include:

  • High academic performance, including GPA, performance in independent studies and academic substance of courses taken.
  • Recommendations from two faculty members (one from within the student's major and one from outside the student's major.)
  • Participation in and contribution to the community at large.

C. Henry Smith winners enjoy a fair amount of perks. They may help with course planning, teaching and/or special tutoring. If the students are working within their major, help with course preparation and have regular instructional contact with students, their pay may be at a rate higher than that for regular campus employment. Or they may receive credit for duties performed within the scope of an organized learning project instead of pay.

C. Henry Smith Scholars also participate in regularly scheduled student-faculty seminars.

On a more entertaining note, the students have gone to museums and attended plays and concerts as well, based in part on a survey of their interests taken early each fall. They've seen the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and visited the Dayton Art Institute and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.

English club

English Club

Advisor: Cynthia Bandish, 419-358-3442

The English Club offers students a chance to gather for camaraderie and informal discussions about all types of literature. The club also sponsors activities pertaining to a broad range of topics in English, literature and theatre including campus poetry readings, trips to theatre productions and dinners with faculty and students.

NSSLHA conference

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association - Bluffton Chapter (NSSLHA) 

Advisor: Christina Bender, 419-358-3329 

President Alexis Cash
Vice president/treasurer Cassie Reinhart
Secretary Brianna Wicker
Campus/community coordinator Abby Newkirk

The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association - Bluffton Chapter (NSSLHA) is for students interested in the study of human communication behavior. The organization seeks to prepare students to successfully engage in leadership and professional opportunities, to disseminate professional and employment information, and to promote lifelong Christian service within the field and to the community by providing opportunities for professional development, continuing education & learning, volunteering & service and social activities.

2017-18 events:
The Inaugural Meeting, 12th Annual State Wide NSSLHA Conference - Ohio State, Game Night-Kahoot, TED Talks, Make and Take-Study Tools, Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist Panel Discussion, "The King's Speech" movie night, Pizza Party, T-Shirt Sale
Check out their upcoming events on Facebook >>>


Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association (OCMEA)

Advisor: Roy Couch, 419-358-3315

President: Mackenzie Newberry
Vice president: Joshua McCauley

OCMEA is an organization of students preparing to teach public school music. Bluffton is the home of OCMEA Chapter 117, which has been commended for chapter growth and/or programming for the past seven years.

OCMEA is affiliated with the Ohio Music Education Association and the Music Education National Conference. Members of OCMEA attend conventions and conferences of these state and national organizations in addition to local chapter activities.

Music Educators National Conference (MENC) is the largest arts education association in the world with over 100,000 members dedicated to the advancement of music education and to professional growth opportunities for its members. It was founded in 1907. Forty years later, the first chapters of MENC's collegiate membership were established. Currently there are more than 15,000 collegiate members.

Perry Bush

People's Movement for the Advancement of History (PMAH)

Advisor: Perry Bush, 419-358-3278

The People's Movement for the Advancement of History (PMAH) is the Bluffton history club. The purpose of the club is to deepen student excitement in the study of history. We accomplish this through a variety of means: films, field trips to historical sites and social activities on and off campus.

Science club

Science Club

Advisors: Angela Montel, 419-358-3387; Luke Myers, 419-3588-3270; and Steve Harnish, 419-358-3294

The purpose of the club is to provide organization and support for science-related interests outside of regular courses. The club is open to all students whether majoring in one of the natural sciences or not. Activities have included field trips, presentations on research and jobs in the science field, sponsoring various campus-wide contests, "make it-take it" projects and a variety of social functions. The club also provides an informal forum for further exploring current issues related to the natural sciences.

Social work club

Social Work Club

Advisor: Heidi Mercer, 419-358-3209

President: Taylor Good 
Vice President: Anna Paul
Secretary: Katie Spalding 
Treasurer: Jules Frazer

The Social Work Club is an active group looking to engage students and the community through a variety of service projects, awareness and social justice events. The group has completed a number of social justice awareness projects over social issues such as homelessness, human trafficking and domestic violence (to name a few). There have also been  a number of service projects, most recently providing area hospitals with clothing for their trauma patients. The group also invites social work practitioners from the field to speak about their expertise. The group has also historically attended local/state/national conferences.

Students looking to increase their level of service to individuals, families and community (social work major or not) should join the social work club to fulfill the Bluffton's four enduring values of Discovery, Community, Respect, and Service while having fun and working with fellow students.

Investment club

Student Investment Club

Advisors: Gary Schiefer and John Burkhart, 419-358-3425 and 419-358-3578

The Student Investment Club is open to any Bluffton University student who is interested in learning how financial markets work. Students get hands on experience in learning about investments through the club's management of one of the university's endowment funds. Club members research, analyze and select the companies in which the club invests through the purchase of shares of common stock.

The Student Investment Club officially began on Feb. 21, 1956, when Dr. Howard Raid, then a professor of business, purchased seven shares in the newly formed Boom or Bust Investment Club. The club originally was structured similar to a mutual fund. Students purchased shares of ownership in the club.

In late 1994 club ownership was officially transferred to Bluffton University and the club renamed. Individuals who had purchased shares of ownership were contacted regarding the change in status. Individuals were given the choice of either redeeming their shares or contributing the shares to the university's endowment fund. Many former club members chose to donate their shares, and by March 31, 1995, the club's net worth was $49,900.

Today the portfolio has a value in excess of $190,000. Students still decide which stocks to purchase. Stock selection is based on investment potential and is limited to socially responsible companies. Each year approximately five percent of the fund is used for student activities such as the senior recognition banquet. Any student with an interest in learning about financial investments is welcome to become a member. 

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