Colloquium attendees served as actors and provided feedback.

Theatre for Social Change

 Community-based theatre has a purpose that extends well beyond entertainment, its intent is to engage and spark change.

Communication and theatre

At Bluffton, you will gain a broad range of analytical and practical knowledge in the communication and theatre arts in order to engage a changing world from a perspective of Christian faith and commitment.

Competitive paid positions, internships and extracurricular activities such as the The Witmarsum student-driven media, FM radio station, theatre performance and an oratorical contest provide opportunities for you to put classroom learning into practice.

We’ll help you develop the communication and media skills employers look for in candidates. The small number of hours required for a communication major allows our students to easily double major and graduate on time. Our minors can be paired with any other major on campus, increasing your appeal to potential employers.

Communication major/minor

Whether heading to graduate school, service work or into the job market, our communication major prepares you to work in teams, problem-solve, analyze text and data, and serve diverse audiences by speaking the truth in love.

Jena O'Brien

 Senior Jena O’Brien came to Bluffton University for the academic support and community feel of campus. Now entering her final semester, the Toledo, Ohio, native and public relations major says the opportunities provided by the university have equipped her for both the job market and life in the world. 
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Communication major
Communication minor  

Complete the communication major in four years by following this guideline for course selection.

Your communication major or minor may easily be combined with a major from another department, helping you achieve your specific goals. For instance, students interested in visual communication may complete a minor in art while students majoring in business administration may want to add a communication minor. The small number of hours required to complete a communications major allows our students to easily double major and graduate on time.  

Through rigorous classes, departmental activities and other hands-on learning opportunities, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers in public affairs, media relations, church promotion, higher education, communication research, political communication, public speaking, organizational leadership and more.


Convergent media

96.1 The Wit FM

Learn to produce and manage content across multiple platforms, including print, radio, the Internet, television, social media and other digital and interactive platforms, with our cutting-edge convergent media major.

You  will gain a strong theoretical framework while developing practical skills in writing, media production, design and web development. Internships and competitive paid campus positions with The Witmarsum provide on-the-job training and often lead to employment opportunities after college graduation.

The convergent media major prepares students to pursue rapidly-changing 21st-century communication careers. You'll be prepared for jobs such as content managers, creative managers, reporters, editors, public relations specialists, social media coordinators and more.

Hannah Conklin

"I’ve found that the classes I’ve taken at Bluffton, such as Social Media, Public Relations and Graphic Design, prepared me really well for my position. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned, and I’ve gained so much knowledge and wisdom from industry professionals at 104.9 along the way."
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Convergent media major 

Complete the convergent media major in four years by following this guideline for course selection.




Coursework from the religion and communication programs are combined for a minor relevant for students interested in serving in church-related organizations. It is an excellent addition to a Biblical and theological studies or worship arts major. 
>>> course requirements

Develop your skills in interpersonal and organizational communication, media studies, journalism and persuasion.
>>> course requirements

Develop skills in writing, visual communication, digital and interactive technologies essential for careers in digital, print and convergent journalism.
>>> course requirements

The media production minor provides instruction to create, edit and produce journalistic and communication content through social media and digital platforms.
>>> course requirements

Learn the history, theory, and ethical and social impacts of television, film, social media and other digital and interactive media.
>>> course requirements

Courses in journalism, graphic design, marketing, analytics and crisis communication offer a preparation for a career as a communication liaison and strategist in nonprofit and corporate settings.
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Theatre study at Bluffton provides training and experience in many performance areas such as acting, directing, set construction, makeup design and execution, costuming, lighting and sound design and stage management. Participation in Bluffton theatre productions gives you a chance to experience all facets of theatrical production. 
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