In a world that changes rapidly, Bluffton promotes timeless values and in-demand skills so you can lead in your community and in the world.

At Bluffton...

  • Hands-on experiences connect students to research, internships and clinical practice.
  • Expert professors lead classroom discussions, not teaching assistants.
  • Students of diverse backgrounds come together to serve God's Universal Kingdom
  • Students study, live and work on a campus that stands firm in its core values of Discovery, Community, Respect and Service. 

Think beyond yourself. Connect with others to create something unique, something brand new, something incredible.

Who are Bluffton students?

Bolivia cross cultural trip

Bluffton students do cutting-edge research, become published authors, intern at top companies, study at Harvard, lead VBS in Romania.... Read their stories and envision where a Bluffton education can take you.

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Two full-tuition scholarships will be awarded from the Presidential Scholarship Competition in January.
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Learn more about Bluffton with a Virtual Tour of our beautiful campus, then schedule a visit to experience Bluffton for yourself.