Women's Studies

Matt Friesen class 2016


Bluffton University offers a multidisciplinary minor in women’s studies. This minor allows students to include in their major course of study the experience of women, including the achievements of women and the obstacles they have faced; contemporary issues that affect women’s lives; scholarly writings and creative works by women; and the theological, social, political and psychological methodologies employed to assess women’s lives.

This growing interdisciplinary minor increasingly includes the broader study of gender issues while keeping its primary focus on the diversity and meaning of women’s lives. Courses provide students with an opportunity to study how gender issues and issues of specific concern to women are addressed and understood in various disciplines.

Bluffton Gender Perspective  2016 womens circle

A campus organization serving both women and men
by creating community and by bringing about awareness of topics of interest to women through activism and advocacy both on and off campus. For more information, contact the group’s advisor, Julie DeGraw, vice president for student life and dean of students, by email at degrawj@bluffton.edu.


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Bluffton University maintains membership in the National Women's Studies Association. For further information about NWSA, visit their website at www.nwsa.org.

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