Social work major

Social workers are trained in a practice to promote social change, justice, cohesion, and development and need to have patience, empathy, communication and listening skills. Individuals in this field strive to make a difference in their community by advocating for the under-served and voiceless. 

Bluffton’s social work major prepares you for entry-level practice and provides a solid foundation for graduate school. Choose from more than 40 human service agencies to complete 448 hours of required practicum experience in your senior year.

We encourage graduates to promote social and economic justice; value the dignity, worth and inherent human rights of each person; and demonstrate integrity and competency based on best practices supported by scientific inquiry. With a social work degree, you could work in health and social services, business and nonprofit organizations, community organizations, criminal justice or government.

Social Work

Our students

After working four summers with low-income students, Rowena Zuercher '20 took a gap year between high school and college to work in L.A. so she could expand her knowledge of of the structure of inequality. 

"Working during the summers really opened my eyes to a lot of systemic injustices that I was being confronted with for the first time." >>>Rowena's story

Bluffton's accredited social work program enables Bluffton's graduates to apply for state licensure. Our program meets all necessary standards to provide a high-quality educational experience with professors interested in your growth and development throughout your time here.

In addition to declaring a social work major, you must apply to be formally admitted to the social work program and fulfill socialization activity requirements. Application for admission to the social work program and a record of professional socialization activities are included in the Social Work Student Manual



Social workers who wish to go into the healthcare or clinical field of social work or desire to have a private practice or supervising position will need to obtain a Masters in Social Work.
Find a list of accredited schools who offer an MSW at Council on Social Work Education.

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