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As a physics major, you will receive a core preparation in physics plus training in math, chemistry and computer science. The core includes calculus-based general physics, thermodynamics, modern physics, quantum mechanics, electronics and instrumentation.

While Bluffton does not offer an astronomy major, students who completed a physics major at Bluffton have been successful in graduate astronomy programs. The physics department owns several telescopes including computer-guided telescopes, and physics students have pursued independent studies in astronomy.

A Bluffton physics degree is a good foundation for graduate work leading to a career in engineering
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Student Stories

hardestyAt 16, many students are focused on getting their licenses and looking forward to their junior year of high school rather than considering their college careers. However, for Bradley Hardesty, college is already a reality. Hardesty has always been ahead in his classes, as he skipped fourth grade and entered high school at 12. >>>more 




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