Majoring in Music

The music major, with four possible concentrations, prepares students for entry-level positions in fields such as church music or music retailing. The curriculum requires 45 semester hours in music and allows time to complete a second major in another department. Each concentration maintains a common core of music theory, music history, piano and applied study.


Nashville Conemporary Music Center

Our students

Brianna Keith studied for a semester at the Nashville Contemporary Music Center on the technical track. She directed stage management for the performance tour at the semester’s end.  

"We got 16 credits while there. However, we didn’t take tests, we didn’t have homework and we didn’t take notes. Everything was memorize this, learn how to do this. It was all hands on. " >>> Brianna's story


Many Bluffton music graduates have gone on to complete master's and doctoral degrees.

Concentration options at Bluffton:
    • business allows you to specialize in a variety of areas artist management, arts administration, music retail or recording. 
    • Music ministry is an area that prepares you for leading music in the worship service as well as participating in worship planning.
    • Performance studies provides an opportunity for you to develop your skills in a performance area preparing you for graduate study.
    • Piano pedagogy is the study of piano teaching. This concentration ensures that you will develop your teaching and business skills so that you will be successful in the area of private teaching.

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student.

Explore the courses required for a

Four year plans provide guidelines to completing a degree in music, music with business, music with music ministry, music with piano pedagogy or  music with performance studies.

The Three year plan provides a guideline to completing a degree in music.

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