Beaver Bucks

What are Beaver Bucks?
Beaver Bucks are an alternative to cash that are placed on your student ID. They can be used as cash to purchase any of the wide variety of food, snack and beverage items served in the snack shop or to pay for additional meals in The Commons. There are two kinds of Beaver Bucks; the ones that come with a meal plan or the ones that may be added by the individual.

Two kinds? What is the difference?
Beaver Bucks that are part of a meal plan are designed to give students greater flexibility with their dining options. They are not cash, but can be used like cash for food and beverage items in the snack shop. Since they are part of the meal plan, unused Beaver Bucks of this type expire at the end of the academic year with your meal plan.

Beaver Bucks that are placed on the ID by the user are just like cash. They can now be used in Bob's Place and will be good at other locations in the future! Unlike the meal plan option, these Beaver Bucks are available from year to year as long as you are a student, faculty or staff member of Bluffton University.

Can I use Beaver Bucks anywhere else?
Beaver Bucks can be used in The Commons to pay for additional meals for yourself, parents, friends or guests.

How do I get Beaver Bucks?
All of the meal plans provide an amount of Beaver Bucks each semester. All students or their parents have the option of adding Beaver Bucks to the ID card regardless of the meal plan chosen or even if the student is not on a meal plan.

Where do I go to add Beaver Bucks to my ID?
Students may add Beaver Bucks to their ID at the cashier's window in the business office ($10 minimum). Students, or even their parents, may also call the business office 419-358-3212 and have it charged to credit card if desired.

Do the Beaver Bucks on my ID roll over from semester to semester?
Beaver Bucks that are part of a meal plan will be applied to the student's ID at the beginning of each semester. Unused meal plan Beaver Bucks from fall semester will roll over into spring semester, but will not be available after the end of the academic year.

What about Beaver Bucks that I add on my ID?
Beaver Bucks added by students not only roll over from fall to spring semesters, they also roll over from year to year for as long as the student is enrolled at Bluffton University.

Can I get a refund on any unused Beaver Bucks?
No. Unused Beaver Bucks cannot be refunded.