Introducing The Lion and Lamb 

This interactive session is ideal for interested adult groups visiting for the first time to learn about our vision for peace and what we have to offer. It includes a glimpse of our mission, our resources, our programs and the center with time to browse.

I Choose Peace

These sessions introduce children to themes of peace, multicultural appreciation and non-violent responses to conflict. A picture book is chosen to address an issue and lay a foundation for group interaction, with music, art, puppets and object lessons used to reinforce the lessons. For recommended titles, see Director's Choice. Sessions can be customized to fit your request or chosen from the following themes: understanding and resolving conflict peacefully, understanding and appreciating diversity and cultures, addressing prejudice, choosing nonviolent responses, finding inner peace in the midst of turmoil, grief, responses to bullying, the need for kindness, etc.

Global Connections

This session especially for children gives them a glimpse of the world beyond themselves through a Bluffton University international student sharing about their country and culture with time for children to ask questions. 

Peace Wall

The Outdoor Peace Garden includes various sculptures and a peace wall with names of many people who worked for peace and justice. This session explores the purpose and function of various kinds of walls in our society and challenges us as individuals to free our lives of walls that damage relationships and separate people.

Your Choice

Contact the center to create a tailored visit to The Lion and Lamb to suit your unique group dynamics. In addition, any of the above sessions may be customized for any age or type of group.

Additional information:

      • The center is open for group and individual visits.
      • All programs and use of resources are free of charge.
      • Options include one-time visits or regular visits for follow-up sessions
      • Duration of the visit depends on your program preference: suggested 30 minute interactive session plus additional time to browse indoors and out.
      • Multi-session programs may be offered if there is volunteer staff available.
      • Consideration will be given for in-school sessions on a limited basis.
      • Ideal group size is 25 students or fewer. Larger groups can be divided into smaller, simultaneous sessions if volunteer staff is available.

  • Contact us to explore the many possibilities.