Strength & conditioning major

The strength and conditioning major has a strong scientific base and experiential learning component for students interested in the field of health, fitness and sport science.

This program is designed for students interested in professional careers as a strength and conditioning specialist or coach who trains athletes for improvement of athletic performance, or a group exercise instructor, personal trainer or health-fitness specialist who works with individuals to improve health and fitness or a health club manager. The major requires an upper-level internship experience. >>>occupational outlook

Ollie MoorerOur students

This strength and conditioning major hopes that his hard work motivates others to begin leading healthier lifestyles. Even if that involves little steps in eating healthier meals or taking 20 minutes to do some yoga.

"I don’t feel I have to make people look muscular. I just want to have people feeling in shape, feeling good and feeling vibrant.”  >>> Ollie's story


Explore the courses required for a

A four year plan provides a guideline for courses leading to a strength & conditioning major.


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