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OCMea Valentines Music Gram, Feb. 6-13
Two music ensembles are available to deliver music grams to your Valentine. Pick from either a vocal or instrumental group. $5 for a single song and $10 for three. Prices will increase if reservations are not made by Feb. 3. Contact Eddie Martin for available time slots at mareaa@bluffton.edu

Two Items from the Center for Career & Vocation
We are excited about a busy spring semester schedule of events, the first of which comes up on Friday, February 3. Please encourage students to attend the OFIC CareerFest in Columbus that Friday. This is one of the largest career and internship fairs in the region and is limited to students at Ohio’s independent colleges and universities. Representatives from a variety of companies and non-profit organizations, as well as service programs and graduate schools will be present. Students need to pre-register for this event so an early nudge from you might be the thing that gets them moving.

We are also preparing for the spring Mock Interview and Networking Night on March 21. We are eager to pair all of our students with great interviewers in a relevant field or area of study. To do this, we are always expanding our list of professionals. Some of you may be hearing from us directly, but we would love to hear from you now if you know of area colleagues who would be great mock interviewers for our students. Please email Shari or Britnie if you have a recommendation.