Faculty Staff

Faculty Awards Banquet 15-16

Faculty Follies
Faculty Follies is making a return to campus during Homecoming week on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. Faculty Follies is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to come together and showcase their “talents” – no matter how strange!  Contact Homecoming activities advisors Brent Schroeder (schroederb@bluffton.edu) and Eli Herman (hermane@bluffton.edu) or student co-chairs Kelsi Fannin (fankla@bluffton.edu) and Shae Golden (golpsa@bluffton.edu) if you are interested and willing to participate.

Window Reminder
Just a reminder to all faculty and staff that if you open windows in your office or classroom, please be sure to close them at the end of the day or following each class session. We are encountering a large number of windows left open across campus during evening rounds, especially in Centennial Hall. Thank you

Plus Committee

The 2016-17 Plus Committee members are: Iris Neufeld (registrar and chair of the committee), Jacqui Slinger (director of academic development/disability services), Caleb Farmer (director of residence life), Tyson Goings, (director of multicultural student development), Diana Kleman (faculty) and Nancy Neff (academic affairs-administrative assistant).

When you are concerned about a student, please contact the Plus Committee. We appreciate learning about your students who miss classes frequently, are not keeping up with assignments, earn consistently low grades, miss or underperform in their campus job, or display a negative change in behavior or attitude. When you contact the Plus Committee, we will talk with you about your concerns and may find out what has or has not been helpful as you have worked with the student. Then we will contact the student's professors, advisor, hall director, campus work supervisor, coach, or whoever is appropriate to ascertain whether the student is struggling in one class or across all his/her academic and student life experiences. In the case of a social issue, we will work to pull together resources from across the campus. The information you share with us is kept confidential, and your name will be used only if you indicate your permission to do so. Please let us know of your preference with every referral. Please send referrals to Iris Neufeld or Jacqui Slinger either by phone or email. If you have questions about the Plus Committee, please call Iris (#3322). Thank you for your assistance in working toward the success of all of our students.