English major/minor

As an English major or minor at Bluffton, you will explore the traditions of English, American and world literature, develop writing skills and explore critical theories.

The 16 hours of electives for the major, and nine hours of electives for the minor, allow your studies to be tailored to fit your particular goals and interests. Integrated Language Arts teaching licensure is available.

Oftentimes elective course topics are linked with professor's primary research - such as Catholic, Scottish or Gothic literature, poetry or fiction writing - which means that your professors are really passionate about the topics they are teaching.


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The fall 2017 edition of Bridge: Bluffton University's literary journal, hosting stories, prose and poems from 16 of “the best young writers ages 14-24,” expands into the realm of digital publication. With 195 submissions from Albuquerque to South Africa, the magazine’s presence continues to develop among the global community of young writers.  

“I believe going digital will help readers look at the work from a different perspective.” 
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Guidelines are available to help you plan courses to complete a major in English in four years

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