Mayan Mathematics

Myan mathematics

Jarod Siekman completed an extensive research project on Mayan mathematics during his semester in Guatemala. He presented his research at the 46th Annual Mathematics Conference.

Semester-long opportunities



Spend a semester experiencing the colorful culture and beautiful landscape of Guatemala!

You will spend time in the capital city and in rural areas; experience bustling markets, visit cooperatives and learn how crafts are made, visit Ancient Mayan ruins, eat local foods and practice your Spanish language.


Washington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC)
Washington DC

Share a house in a working-class neighborhood with students from Mennonite-affiliated schools through the Washington Community Scholars' Center.  Explore the city, gain experience with a 20-hour-per-week internship and take classes.

Additional semester-long opportunities>>>>

Elaine Suderman
Assistant director of cross-cultural programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor

Joshua Ehlers '19

New outlook on economics

Joshua Ehlers spent his summer in Washington D.C. Through classes and internships, he served the community, gained experience and explored social diversity.