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Bluffton Legacy Program

Do you wear your Bluffton purple every chance you get? Can you recite “The Pledge” and hum the alma mater as a lullaby? Do you want to keep your excitement for Bluffton alive in your family for generations to come?

Introducing  the next generation to Jenny Beaver

join the Bluffton Legacy Program today

Provide contact information and the birthday(s) of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or siblings and we’ll send Bluffton gifts on special birthdays. And it’s free! All we ask in return is that you continue to share your Bluffton stories, and maybe bring them to campus to experience May Day, Homecoming, Riley Creek Festival, or maybe a theatre production, concert or ballgame.

We will celebrate your family’s newest addition by sending a Bluffton bib. Gifts for newborns will be mailed as soon as the university learns of your addition. Children will continue to receive gifts as they grow, for their 5 and 10 year birthdays. We want to help our Baby Beavers show their family connections.

No longer a newborn? Go ahead and provide information anyway. They will receive gifts at the appropriate time.

Contact information will be shared with the admissions office when your student reaches high school age. Bluffton also provides a Alumni Grant to children, grandchildren and siblings of Bluffton alumni.

Tessa Short

Four generations!
In a 1998 edition of the Bluffton alumni magazine, then known as “Scope,” an image of a grinning little girl standing confidently in Bluffton apparel can be found. Tessa Short, 18 months at the time of the photo, returned to campus 18 years later to continue a fourth generation legacy.

 >>> Tessa's story


Refer a student

Of course you also know other students who might flourish on Bluffton’s campus – the neighbor boy, the papergirl, students in your Sunday School class, etc. Provide their information below and we’ll be sure the admissions office contacts them as well.

Go Beavers!

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Are you a Bluffton alumnus
Child or student information
Parent information
Do the parents have the same address as child/student
Is either parent an alumnus
Information provided will be shared with the Bluffton University admissions office.

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