Renderings as of October 2017

Knowlton Science Center

Multi-million dollar investment to benefit students and region

The Austin E. Knowlton Science Center will transform science education at Bluffton. The 32,500 square foot building is designed for 21st century teaching and learning for students in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, pre-medicine, nursing and dietetics and as an integral part of Bluffton’s liberal arts education for all students.

A Place that Inspires...

With the $4 million naming gift of the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation and the support of many alumni and friends we can achieve our goal of funding the $14.5 million total project cost and opening a new science building in academic year 2020.

Current science facilities, Berky Hall (1915) and Shoker Science Center (1977), were excellent in their day but are now undersized and outdated.

The new building and site plan will enhance Bluffton’s campus and naturalized setting by creating a pedestrian-only area closely connected to the Centennial Hall academic center. Site development includes removal of two older buildings, Lincoln Hall (a de-commissioned 1920 residence hall within the footprint of the new building) and Berky Science Hall (1915).


  • 32,500 square feet on three floors, located at the heart of campus and LEED-certifiable
  • 10 energy-efficient, high tech learning labs for biology, chemistry, physics and dietetics designed for hands-on experimentation, teaching, learning and research
  • 3 classrooms (seating 24, 45 and 60 students) designed for science instruction
  • 15 faculty offices plus adjacent learning/study spaces to enhance student-faculty interaction
  • Public spaces designed for students and visitors to experience science in action with views into all labs and an accessible green roof area