An inter-disciplinary data analytics class

Seven professors, from math to restorative justice, collaborated to develop an inter-disciplinary data analytics class, described as a group of people working in a sandbox, “each using our knowledge and experience to shape the development of the class.”

Innovation grants

A springboard for new and innovative programming

Just as the Sommer Center serves as a springboard for new and innovative programs in the areas of sports science and fitness, a new science center will seed innovation in the natural and applied sciences and other disciplines.

Leaders equipped to address the pressing needs of society...

To leverage the $14.5 million investment in a new building, we seek to secure $1 million or greater in support for new academic program development, faculty-student research and inter-disciplinary initiatives that enrich student learning for majors in the natural and applied sciences and for all students through the general education program.

Bluffton faculty and students are already carrying out research and securing national internships with modest facilities and equipment—imagine what they will achieve with new facilities and increased financial support for program innovation.


  • During the summer of 2016, a Bluffton chemistry major was part of a team using biomimicry in the study of geckos through the University of Akron's Research Experience for Undergraduates program.
  • Four food and nutrition majors took part in a highly-competitive 2016 summer internship program run by the National Association of College and University Food Services.
  • Pre-med/biology major explored patient care in Peru for six weeks in summer 2016.
  • Two Bluffton students were among 20 nationwide selected for a year-long supercomputing internship in 2014.