Harassment policy

Bluffton affirms the principle that students, faculty and staff have the right to be free from any racial, sexual or any other type of harassment by any other member of the campus community. This is simply a restatement of the expectation that members of our campus community will respect others who are a part of the community and the positive gifts they bring to the community. Bluffton's policy is that any type of harassment is unacceptable and will be viewed as a violation of campus standards.

Examples of the types of harassment that are unacceptable include threats or verbal abuse directed toward another member of the community, including verbal assaults, derogatory racial, sexist or homophobic remarks, defamation of character or any other type of behavior that knowingly puts another member of the community in a state of fear or anxiety. This applies to any type of communication (e.g. telephone, email, face-to-face, group interaction), and it may involve a single or repeated incident.