Nathan Otto

Urban education

“I knew this was an opportunity I might not have again, and I wanted to get out of the area and experience something totally new. Chicago seemed like the best way to accomplish that.”


Through the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture, education and social work majors are invited to spend a semester student teaching or completing an internship and experiencing Chicago. Participants attend weekly seminars to process their experience with peers and supervisors to learn more about the challenges and promises of the urban environment.

Through the social work practicum placements, you can work in a variety of fields: refugee and immigrant services, medical social work, family services, HIV/AIDS services, community organizing and more.
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Several Bluffton students have fulfilled their student-teaching requirements through this program. Chicago Center student-teaching placements are in all grade levels include magnet programs, alternative schools, neighborhood schools and college prep academies. Small and large schools, special education, bi-lingual and fine arts placements provide many options.
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For a set residency fee, Chicago Center arranges for students to live in a shared, furnished apartment with internet, cable TV and all utilities; a shared food account, orientation costs (including tickets to numerous cultural events); textbooks and in-city transportation including an unlimited trasit pass.
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