Technology Tips

From the friendly folks in the Bluffton IT department

1. Anti-Virus software -- Windows version

  • Update your anti-virus software. If you don't have any installed, use the online virus-scanning website listed below.  This is a free download.
  • Having more than one anti-virus software installed on your PC is NOT helpful; in fact, it will slow down your computer.  If you have outdated anti-virus software installed, please uninstall it.

2. Anti-Virus software -- Mac Version

3. Free MS Office Software

    • Registered students can download this software free of charge (both PC and Mac versions are available):

      When you download the software, you will be given a unique product key.  Please remember to make note of your product key and keep it in a secure location (somewhere other than your computer).

    4. Minimum PC Specifications

  • 5. Windows Updates
    • Keep your computer up-to-date by downloading and installing Microsoft updates on your PC.
  • 6. Items for purchase
    • Network cables are available for purchase in the bookstore.
    • USB flash drives are available for purchase in the bookstore.

  • 7. Wireless areas on campus
        • Centennial Hall
        • Marbeck Center
        • Mosiman Hall
        • Musselman Library
        • Residence halls
        • Sommer Center
        • Yoder Hall

  • 8. Student server directories (on campus only)
    • Each student is allocated 1 GB of storage on our network server.  This is known as your H drive (home directory).  What’s nice about this is that you can save your work to your H drive, and then have the ability to access it on any lab pc on campus.  Your H drive is backed up nightly.

  • 9. Creating a shortcut to your  H drive on your desktop -- Windows version
    (you must be on campus to access your H drive)
    • Right click on a blank spot on your desktop
    • Click New, then click Shortcut
    • When the prompt appears, enter it as follows: \\\home\username   (substitute your own network user name)
    • Click Next
    • When prompted, enter your network user name & password.  Make sure to enter your user name as follows:  bluffton\username   (substitute your own network user name)
    • Type a name for the shortcut (i.e. H Drive)
    • Click Finish

  • 10. Creating a shortcut to your H drive on your desktop -- Mac version
    (you must be on campus to access your H drive)
    • In the Finder, click on the “Go” menu and select “Connect to server”.
    • In the window that appears, type the following: smb://   (substitute your own network user name)
    • A window will appear asking for you to log in.  Log in with your Bluffton information.  The drive will then connect and appear on the desktop.

  • 11. Printing
    • We do not currently charge for printing on campus.  If you do not have your own printer, save your work to your H drive, then print your document on a lab printer.

  • 12. Configure your smartphone for Bluffton e-mail      
    These are generic instructions compatible with many smartphones.
    • Choose settings, accounts, add acount
    • Choose corporate, exchange or active sync
      • Enter your Bluffton e-mail address and password
        • Enter domain/username (example: bluffton/beaverj)
    • Enter server as:
    • Make sure "use secure connection (SSL)" is checked
    • Finish the set up by giving the account a name - such as Bluffton
  • 13. Please feel free to contact the Help Desk with any questions