The World Wide Web and digital tools offer students unlimited access to information and provide new ways of learning and sharing results. The Bluffton Technology Department was created in 1999 to speed the integration of new technology throughout academic programs and campus activities. The department works to provide technology resources and training of the highest quality and to support academic achievement and institutional excellence for students, faculty and staff who use these resources.

Our mission: To build an outstanding technology system that supports a distinctive learning community of students, faculty, professional staff and constituents.

Our goals

    • Focus on people and learning so that technology always supports the university mission
    • Provide effective training and support for all members of the university community
    • Design and manage effective digital information and network systems
    • Guide budgeting and priorities for the acquisition and application of new technology
    • Develop strategies for maximizing resources and managing costs into the future
    • Communicate important technology issues, best practices and Bluffton success stories
    • Build a creative technology team to support our mission

Our policies:

Bluffton University expects all members of the college community and guests to use technology resources responsibly and with respect for other persons, as described fully in the Bluffton University Student Handbook. Our guiding principle is the expectation of responsible use:

Bluffton University computers and the campus network are the property of Bluffton University and are maintained as an educational resource for use by members of the campus community and guests with authorized network passwords. Authorized users agree to use the campus network in accordance with the Bluffton standards for campus conduct and to abide by all relevant academic standards and laws with respect to copyright and the responsible use of network and internet resources. Excerpt from the Student Handbook

View the Copyright Policy from the Student Handbook.