Couch to May Day Plan

Access Andy's 10-week plan.

This is a disclaimer!

I felt the need to put this here because I do not want to have people thinking that because they pick up this piece of paper that they will become fit, lose weight, gain energy, and complete the May Day Run. Printing this plan actually has pretty much nothing to do with the things listed above unless YOU want them to happen and are willing to commit to getting fit! Also please remember that this program is geared towards those who are just starting out on their running adventure!

A typical workout will have a warm-up, a main set, and a cool down. The warm-up will be something to get you loosened up and to get your heart rate higher. The main set will read something like 1 minute of jogging-1 minute of walking X5. The way to read this is to do 1 minute of jogging then when the minute is up do one minute of walking. This would be considered 1 set. The X5 refers to the preferred amount of times you do the set. So you would then do 1 minute of walking followed by 1 minute of jogging 4 more times. The cool down is a time to relax and think about what you just accomplished and get your heart rate back down.
With luck,