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Breaks for Spring 2017:
Spring break: March 6-10
Easter break: April 14-17

HD On-Call Schedule
When you are in doubt, call the HD on Duty. They are trained to answer many of your questions and can act as a first responder to incidents that happen on campus.

Jan. 30- Feb. 5: Amy Marshall
Feb. 6-12: Carrie Blust
Feb. 13-19: Eli Herman
Feb. 20-26: Alyssa Yoxtheimer
Feb. 27- March 5: Carrie Blust
March 6-12: Ashley Smith
March 13-19: Amy Marshall
March 20-26: Eli Herman
March 27- April 2: Alyssa Yoxtheimer
April 3-9: Ashley Smith
April 10-17: Eli Herman
April 18-23: Amy Marshall
April 24-30: Alyssa Yoxtheimer
May 1-8: Carrie Blust

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