Ramseyer hall

Ramseyer Hall

Ramseyer Hall is a divided hall, housing 109 students with men and women on separate floors. Features include air conditioning, elevator, a large, bright main lobby and floor lobbies with kitchenettes on the second and third floors. A fully-equipped kitchen and conference room are located on the first floor, with an exercise room in the basement. Individual rooms have high ceilings and open onto a spacious corridor. Ramseyer opened in 1994.

Ramseyer Hall Staff 2018-19

Hall Director:
Jena O'Brien
1st floor 
RA: Travis Kiser 1st floor, room 106
RA: Alex Foster  2nd floor south, room 203
RA: Leonard Winiarski  2rd floor north, room 209
RA: Courtney Jasinski 3rd floor north, room 309
RA: Ginesha Robinson  3rd floor south, room 320

Ramseyer Hall ministry assistants 2018-19

Justin Kauffman 2nd floor
Makenzie Speakman 3rd floor
Average measurements for Ramseyer:                       

Wall dimensions - 15' 2.5"x 12'     
Windows - 5'x5'5"   
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"   
Mattress - 36"x80"   
Floor style - carpet