Hirschy hall

Hirschy Hall

Hirschy Hall, a residence hall for 97 men & women, was completed in 1963. It has three floors, with a kitchen on each floor. The ground floor has a spacious main lobby with large windows.

A legendary feature of Hirschy Hall is the bronze cast of Noah Hirschy, Bluffton University's first president. It is said that if you rub the nose before taking an exam, you will have good luck!

Logan LeitzyHirschy Hall Staff 2016-2017

Hall Director: 
Logan Leitzy
Apt. above Multicultural Center
RA: Sarah Oliver 1st Floor, Room 102
RA: Wyatt Jarrell 2nd Floor, Room 215
RA: TBD 3rd Floor, Room 315





Logan Leitzy, Hirchy Hall Director

Average measurements for Hirschy Hall:

Wall Dimensions - 14'7" x 14'1"
Windows - 9'3" x 4"  
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"  
Mattress - 36"x80"