Hirschy Annex

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Hirschy Annex, houses 107 students. It was completed in 1966. It is a divided hall with men and women living on separate floors. Rooms on the second and third floor open into a corridor that encircles a floor lobby and computer lab. A main lobby and kitchen are adjacent to the first floor.





Logan Leitzy

       Hirschy Annex Staff 2017-18

Hall Director:
Logan Leitzy
Apt. above Multicultural Center
RA: Quincy Salcido 1st Floor, Room 118
RA: Jena O'Brien 2nd Floor south, Room 238
RA: Nick Hoffman 3rd Floor north, Room 328




Logan Leitzy, Hirschy Annex Hall Director

Hirschy Annex ministry assistant 2017-18

Alexis Cash 2nd floor
Average measurements for Hirschy Annex:                           

Wall Dimensions - 13' 2"x 14' 2" 
Windows - 7' 6"x4'   
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"   
Mattress - 36"x80"