Student Senate

Student Senate

Student Senate has primary responsibility in the areas of co-curricular activities. It serves as the official voice for students and allocates funds to student clubs and organizations. Student Senate consists of four members from each class and the president. Senator applications are below ordered by class.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to seek out students’ opinions and concerns, and to advocate for positive change through cooperating with other organizations while maintaining the Christian mission of our institution by which each student’s opinion is valued and equal.

2017-18 Officers


 Jonah Eckert
Jonah Eckert, President

 Laura Galley
Laura Galley, Vice president

Takayla Gadberry
Takayla Gadberry, Secretary

Jacob Hill, Sophmore Rep
Jacob Hill, Treasurer

Olivia DePalma
Olivia DePalma, Senior representative 

Elizabeth Weaver
Elizabeth Weaver, Senior representative

Olivia Poole 
Olivia Poole, Senior representative

LaJohn Beasley
LaJohn Beasley Sophomore representative

Robert Ruppert
Robert Ruppert, Sophomore representative

Student Senate
Jihad Shockley, First-year representative

Student Senate 
Amryn Dover, First-year representative

Janelle Schmucker 
Janelle Schmucker, First-year representative

Senate Advisor
Julie Degraw, Senate advisor