Student Investment Club

Gary Schiefer & John Burkhart, advisors
Ext. 3425 & 3578

The Student Investment Club is open to any Bluffton University student who is interested in learning how financial markets work. Students get hands on experience in learning about investments through the club's management of one of the university's endowment funds. Club members research, analyze and select the companies in which the club invests through the purchase of shares of common stock.

The Student Investment Club officially began on Feb. 21, 1956, when Dr. Howard Raid, then a professor of business, purchased seven shares in the newly formed Boom or Bust Investment Club. The club originally was structured similar to a mutual fund. Students purchased shares of ownership in the club.

In late 1994 club ownership was officially transferred to Bluffton University and the club renamed. Individuals who had purchased shares of ownership were contacted regarding the change in status. Individuals were given the choice of either redeeming their shares or contributing the shares to the university's endowment fund. Many former club members chose to donate their shares, and by March 31, 1995, the club's net worth was $49,900.

Today the portfolio has a value in excess of $190,000. Students still decide which stocks to purchase. Stock selection is based on investment potential and is limited to socially responsible companies. Each year approximately five percent of the fund is used for student activities such as the senior recognition banquet. Any student with an interest in learning about financial investments is welcome to become a member.