Honor System

As members of the Bluffton University community, we commit to being honest, trustworthy and honorable in our actions and relationships with each other both in and out of the classroom.
We agree to commit to learning and living in an environment where the values of honor, honesty and integrity are fundamental to the way we choose to live and learn. These foundational concepts have been an integral part of the university community since 1918. Subsequent generations of students, faculty and staff have continued to support and value this culture of mutual respect and trust. The Honor System places responsibility of honesty and integrity on each member of the community. Everyone has responsibility for ensuring that all academic work, by self and others, is conducted in ways that are reflective of these values.
Common understanding of our mutual commitment as a community is informed by a desire to live and learn in an environment based upon respect and trust. As a demonstration of this commitment as it relates to academic work, students are not proctored while taking examinations and write and sign the following pledge: "I am unaware of any inappropriate aid having been given or received for this exam."
The commitment to academic integrity is also extended to written work and is demonstrated through students writing and signing this pledge: "I attest that that this work is my own and that the ideas of others are cited." It is expected that students will act honorably and will report any known or suspected violations of the honor system by themselves or others in all academic work.
In all cases, if a student cannot in good conscience sign the pledge, the student should notify the course instructor. In the event that the pledge is left unsigned and the student has not contacted the instructor, the course instructor will contact the student.
Cheating, plagiarism, fabricating, facilitating (intentionally providing inappropriate assistance to others), and misrepresentation are considered serious violations of the honor system. Each of these forms of dishonesty work against our community commitment to be honest, trustworthy and honorable in our actions and relationships with each other. Resolution of violations may take place within the context of the course or through the campus conduct system.
The honor system not only describes our expectations related to academic integrity; it is understood that the spirit of the honor system is meant to pervade all aspects of campus life. This ideal environment of mutual trust and respect for one another in all aspects of our community life is central to our desire to be a community of respect and is reflected in the Bluffton University Community of Respect Statement.