1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Hanover College vs. Bluffton University
  Date: 10/04/14  • Site: Bluffton, Ohio

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Hanover 3-17on Hanover45Trent Downs pass complete to Spencer Corrao for 20 yards to the BLUFFTON35, 1ST DOWN HANOVER.
Hanover 2-12on Hanover50Trent Downs pass complete to Spencer Corrao for loss of 5 yards to the HANOVER45 (R. Aelker).
Hanover 1-10on Bluffton48Spencer Corrao rush for loss of 2 yards to the 50 yardline (B. Swavel).
Hanover 2-14on Hanover32Spencer Corrao rush for 20 yards to the BLUFFTON48, 1ST DOWN HANOVER (T. White).
Hanover 1-10on Hanover36Spencer Corrao rush for loss of 4 yards to the HANOVER32 (B. Schamp).
Hanover 1-10on Hanover36HANOVER COLLEGE drive start at 02:19.
D. Mann kickoff 29 yards to the HANOVER36, Justin Magaw return 0 yards to the HANOVER36.
 Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, TOP 2:56
Hanover College 7, Bluffton University 7
J. Watkins kick attempt good.
Bluffton4-Gon Hanover06N. Sheehan pass complete to E. Fox for 6 yards to the HANOVER0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:19.
Bluffton4-Gon Hanover01PENALTY BLUFFTON false start 5 yards to the HANOVER6.
Bluffton3-Gon Hanover02E. Fox rush for 1 yard to the HANOVER1 (John Holtkamp).
Bluffton2-Gon Hanover04E. Fox rush for 2 yards to the HANOVER2 (Jake Stilwell).
Bluffton1-Gon Hanover03E. Fox rush for loss of 1 yard to the HANOVER4 (Justin Magaw).
Bluffton1-10on Hanover23E. Fox rush for 20 yards to the HANOVER3, 1ST DOWN BLUFFTON (J. Richardson;Vince Peiffer).
Bluffton2-8on Bluffton27N. Sheehan pass complete to J. Tomlinson for 50 yards to the HANOVER23, 1ST DOWN BLUFFTON (Max Goodin).
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton25E. Fox rush for 2 yards to the BLUFFTON27 (Chris Amstutz).
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton25BLUFFTON UNIVERSITY drive start at 05:15.
Adam Goepfrich kickoff 65 yards to the BLUFFTON0, touchback.
 Drive: 3 plays, 28 yards, TOP 1:02
Hanover College 7, Bluffton University 0
Ben Wheeler kick attempt good.
Hanover 2-5on Bluffton07Timothy Sutton rush for 7 yards to the BLUFFTON0, 1ST DOWN HANOVER, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:15.
Hanover 1-10on Bluffton12Spencer Corrao rush for 5 yards to the BLUFFTON7 (B. Schamp).
Hanover 1-10on Bluffton28Trent Downs pass complete to Spencer Corrao for 16 yards to the BLUFFTON12, 1ST DOWN HANOVER (P. Shroyer).
Hanover 1-10on Bluffton28HANOVER COLLEGE drive start at 06:17.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 11 yards, TOP 1:48
Bluffton4-21on Bluffton16A. Espinoza punt 27 yards to the BLUFFTON43, fair catch by Keaton Stout, PENALTY BLUFFTON unsportsmanlike conduct (P. Shroyer) 15 yards to the BLUFFTON28, 1st and 10, HANOVER ball on BLUFFTON28.
Bluffton3-23on Bluffton14E. Fox rush for 2 yards to the BLUFFTON16 (T.J. Gerking).
Bluffton2-23on Bluffton14E. Fox rush for no gain to the BLUFFTON14 (Vince Peiffer).
Bluffton1-23on Bluffton14N. Sheehan pass incomplete to J. Tomlinson.
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton27E. Fox rush for 4 yards to the BLUFFTON31 (Chris Amstutz;Jake Stilwell), PENALTY BLUFFTON illegal block (J. Matthews) 13 yards to the BLUFFTON14, NO PLAY.
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton27BLUFFTON UNIVERSITY drive start at 08:05.
 Drive: 5 plays, 12 yards, TOP 2:42
Hanover 4-15on Hanover35Josh Green punt 46 yards to the BLUFFTON19, M. Roberson return 8 yards to the BLUFFTON27 (Ryan Martin).
Hanover 3-8on Hanover42Trent Downs sacked for loss of 7 yards to the HANOVER35 (B. Swavel).
Hanover 2-8on Hanover42Trent Downs pass incomplete to Ricky Windell.
Hanover 1-10on Hanover40Spencer Corrao rush for 2 yards to the HANOVER42 (R. Aelker).
Hanover 2-6on Hanover27Trent Downs pass complete to Dontre Woodruff for 13 yards to the HANOVER40, 1ST DOWN HANOVER (P. Shroyer;M. Holden).
Hanover 1-10on Hanover23Spencer Corrao rush for 4 yards to the HANOVER27 (R. Leopold).
Hanover 1-10on Hanover23HANOVER COLLEGE drive start at 10:47.
 Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 0:56
Bluffton4-7on Bluffton43A. Espinoza punt 35 yards to the HANOVER22, Keaton Stout return 1 yards to the HANOVER23.
Bluffton3-7on Bluffton43N. Sheehan pass incomplete to D. Brown (Riley Deckard).
Bluffton2-7on Bluffton43N. Sheehan pass incomplete to J. Tomlinson (Justin Magaw).
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton40E. Fox rush for 3 yards to the BLUFFTON43 (Riley Deckard).
Bluffton1-10on Bluffton40BLUFFTON UNIVERSITY drive start at 11:43.
 Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 0:56
Hanover 4-2on Hanover17Josh Green punt 43 yards to the BLUFFTON40, downed.
Hanover 3-2on Hanover17Trent Downs pass incomplete to Timothy Sutton.
Hanover 2-10on Hanover09Trent Downs pass complete to Robert Klotz for 8 yards to the HANOVER17 (W. Herman).
Hanover 1-10on Hanover09Trent Downs pass incomplete to Casey Virgin.
Hanover 1-10on Hanover09HANOVER COLLEGE drive start at 12:39.
 Drive: 7 plays, 17 yards, TOP 2:16
Bluffton4-5on Hanover09N. Sheehan pass incomplete to C. Sheehan, QB hurry by Riley Deckard.
Bluffton3-5on Hanover09N. Sheehan pass incomplete to M. Roberson (J. Richardson).
Bluffton2-7on Hanover11E. Fox rush for 2 yards to the HANOVER9 (Vince Peiffer).
Bluffton1-10on Hanover14E. Fox rush for 3 yards to the HANOVER11, out-of-bounds (Justin Magaw).
Bluffton3-2on Hanover18E. Fox rush for 4 yards to the HANOVER14, 1ST DOWN BLUFFTON (Vince Peiffer).
Bluffton2-10on Hanover26E. Fox rush for 8 yards to the HANOVER18, out-of-bounds (Riley Deckard).
Bluffton1-10on Hanover26N. Sheehan pass incomplete to D. Brown.
Bluffton1-10on Hanover26BLUFFTON UNIVERSITY drive start at 14:55.
D. Mann kickoff 30 yards to the HANOVER35, Jamal Edwards return -9 yards to the HANOVER26, fumble by Jamal Edwards recovered by BLUFFTON Thomas-Wright at HANOVER26.
Hanover 1-10on Hanover35BLUFFTON ball on BLUFFTON35.
Hanover wins coin toss and elects to receive kickoff