Public health

public health

Public health major and minor

Public health is the science and art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of health lifestyles and research for disease and injury prevention. Public health is a study of the ways biology, business, communications, politics, psychology, sociology and statistics influence the health of individuals and communities.
Careers options for public health graduates include health services administration, biostatistics, epidemiology (study of disease), health education, environmental health, nutrition, public health practice or biomedicine. The National Employment Matrix estimates that demand in the public health field will grow 16 percent by the year 2016.
With a Major in public health, concentrations are available in:
  • health management: (new in 2015) By combining the core public health curriculum with core classes from Bluffton's management curriculum, this concentration will equip students for a career in health policy and management, "a multidisciplinary field concerned with the delivery, quality and costs of health care for individuals and populations.”
  • Pre-Biostatistics: (new in 2015) This concentration is designed to prepare students for the admissions requirements for a biostatistics program (likely a master of science in biostatistics or master of public health degree with a concentration in bio-statistics.)
  • Pre-epidemiology: This concentration provides a sound foundation in the sciences for students preparing for graduate classes in epidemiology, the study of disease.
  • Public health advocate: Advocates work to help others, to lobby on their behalf. Students interested in communication, marketing, English and social justice may be interested in this concentration.
  • Public health educator: Courses in this concentration will prepare you to provide education in ways to stay healthy, to avoid disease.  


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Four Year plans serve as guidelines leading to a major in public health beginning in an odd year or an even year.

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