Britnie Loch ’11, MBA ’17


Bluffton MBA and degree-completion alumna gained much more than just a degree

Britnie Loch ’11, MBA ’17 initially came to Bluffton to get a diploma. She knew she needed a bachelor’s degree in order to advance in her career. However, after finishing both Bluffton’s adult degree-completion and MBA programs, Loch realized she had gained much more than a piece of paper.

“I don’t think there was anybody in our MBA group that didn’t think, ‘Wow, I got so much more out of this than what I expected.’ You know what you learn is going to relate to your work, but the things you talk about relate to how you parent, how you are as a spouse, how you are as a community member. They are so life applicable that the program is beneficial for so many things in addition to work.”

Loch, who graduated in May, became the human resources generalist for Valfilm in March. The Brazilian-owned company in Findlay, which specializes in flexible packaging, took over the old Dow chemical facility two years ago. While her main concern at the company is HR, she is using a variety of skills developed during her undergraduate and graduate work at Bluffton.

“When you are at a young company, everything is changing, everything is new,” said Loch. “There are many areas to be built up including marketing opportunities and development of internal leadership programs and training.”

After earning an associate degree and working for a few years, Loch chose to continue her education at Bluffton when she met the professors and learned about the culture of the business program.

“I knew the programs would be more leadership focused. I was not interested in a cut-throat atmosphere where everyone is out for themselves, and it’s all about money,” said Loch. “It’s important to advance in your career, and it’s important to turn a profit, obviously, so people can have jobs, but there’s a lot of other things that are just as important like, do people have engaging work, and are you building people up in order to pull the best out of them? I knew Bluffton focused on all of those things equally and that was important to me.”

Loch enjoyed lessons that focused on environmental health and sustainability and how to be a servant leader. Attending classes led by Dr. George Lehman, Howard Raid professor of business, on assessing and developing leadership skills also taught Loch that there is a holistic approach to being in business.

“We talked about when you advance and move forward in your career, it’s really easy to feel burnt out,” said Loch. “We talked about tactics and how to identify and discern the importance of spending your time and how to avoid burn out while keeping an eye on the big picture.”

Loch’s classes also kept ahead of the trends in human resources. “We talked about meditation and mindfulness and how you can engage those things in your company. It’s all very relevant because mindfulness is everywhere right now.”

Loch, who has an 11-year-daughter, says family support was critical to earning her degrees, but she says the design of the program also allowed her to achieve her goals.

“You’re busy, you really have to stay on top of things. Time management is huge,” said Loch. “But with the program being one night a week, that was really convenient for me. When you have one class to focus on at a time you can give it your full attention.”


-Jena O’Brien, public relations student assistant