Professional History

I did my undergraduate work at North Dakota State University with an emphasis in Polymers and Coatings and a strong minor in vocal performance. My undergraduate academic advisor was a fine computational chemist, Mark Gordon, and I began my interest in main-group chemistry there. I then spent four years stalling for time in the US Army, during which I spent a pleasant year in Monterey, California, at the Defense Language Institute. I still speak reasonably good German and a little Polish.

The Army left me free of student loan debt, and so I went to graduate school at Washington University, earning my Ph.D. in 1995 under Peter Gaspar.

Common practice nowadays is to do a postdoc while looking for a real job, and I was no different: I did organic electrochemical kinetics at Virginia Tech in Jim Tanko's group, before I was hired by Bluffton University in 1996.

Here is my publication list.

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