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Science Humor

The two rival science humor magazines:

AIR was founded by the editors and writers of JIR, who had a violent disagreement with current JIR owner George Scherr, and it remains to be seen whether the JIR will survive the loss of its staff, writers, and the Ig Nobel Prizes.

For ridiculous answers on almost any question, just ask Dr. Science! You can even hear Dr. Science answer questions!

The Buttered Cat Paradox is an example of scientific thought at its finest. It has been suggested that a buttered cat array could be used instead of more expensive maglev technology in high-speed monorail systems.

Here's the total scoop on the dihydrogen monoxide debate, dhmo.org.

Here's a Google search for "science humor." (Most science humor pages are pretty transient.)

You might also want to try the OXymoron Science Humor page, with plenty of good clean(?) science humor.

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