A Few Resources for
Christians who see themselves as Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay or Transgendered

Link to Becoming real Link to FreeToBeMe.com

This page is not intended to be a final resource, but a stepping-stone. This page is no longer being maintained, so some of the links may be dead.

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This page does not necessarily represent the opinion of Bluffton University, its faculty, its administration or trustees, nor even my own opinions. I agree with some of the pages linked below, and disagree with others. The point of this page is to bring Christian resources to the attention of those who may think that they must abandon God to be "faithful to their own natures."

For something thoughtful and moving on what "their own natures" means, see Huw Raphael Richardson's essay, Look Homeward, Angel.

upgrade in progress Because God has laid it on my heart, through the essay linked above among many others, that there is more than one side of this story, I am beginning to add links to resources that do not assume that sexual relations are the be-all and end-all of our worth as human beings. -- D.B., Christmastide 2005

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