Professional travel and dues

Policy for Faculty Development Funds

Faculty members on continuing contracts are encouraged to join professional societies in their fields of study and to receive journals or other publications related to their fields of study. In addition, faculty members on continuing contracts are encouraged to participate in professional conferences related to their fields of study. 

The university will provide up to $750 per full-time faculty member per year for such activities. Benefits for faculty members on less than full-time contracts will be prorated. Faculty members who are presenting at conferences may request additional funds from the dean of academic affairs, who will consider requests in light of the merits of the requests and the balance in the faculty development budget line. 

Any funds from the $750 allotment that a faculty member does not use during a given academic year may be retained for use in the following year up to a maximum of $750. Thus in a given year a faculty member could, at a maximum, have access to $750 from the current year budget and $750 carry-over funding.

 Faculty members should submit membership dues and professional meeting expense requests to Nancy Neff ( or 419-358-3317).

Revised April 7, 2010