Useful links

Answers to FAQs, including general information on copyright, what copyright protects, how to register a work, and services of the U.S. Copyright Office.

Know Your Copy Rights: What You Can Do (Faculty)
Brochure for faculty covering fair use, the advantage of linking to instead of copying works, and special provisions for displaying or performing works in classes. This features a chart that highlights 24 situations when various categories of works can be use. 

Using Copyrighted Works in Your Teaching - FAQs
Companion to the Know Your Copyrights brochure: the FAZ consists of two sections, each addressing the different circumstances for the traditional face-to-face or online courses.

Fair Use 
Information about fair use of copyrighted material, including the four factors, Section 107. 

Fair Use Checklist
Form for fair use analysis of copyrighted materials based on the four factors in the fair use provision of copyright law. Note: Keep the completed checklist as a record of the decision-making process. 

TEACH Act (Brief Guide)
Brief guide from the Copyright Clearance Center, including what the TEACH Act does not allow.

Distance Education and the TEACH Act
Important links to information and guides for the TEACH Act, including legislative history, fundamentals of the law, and frequently asked questions.

Is it protected by Copyright?
Digital tool to determine whether or not a work published in the United States is protected by copyright or is in the public domain.

Copyright and Fair Use
Comprehensive website from Stanford University with emphasis on copyright issues especially relevant to the education community.

Crash Course in Copyright
Scenarios developed at the University of Minnesota to help in evaluating materials for fair use under copyright law.

(See also Fair Use Checklist)