Band Camps

On campus at Bluffton University, the late summer sunshine is almost synonymous with the sounds of a drum corps lofting through the afternoon air.

Our marching band guests have enjoyed a tradition of success while letting Bluffton host their summer band camps. Groups Bluffton can host range in size from 30 members to 150.

Overnight accommodations on campus in our residence halls help build bonds between band and flag corps members. Small spaces both indoors and out provide ideal locations for sections to practice new music.

Bluffton boasts up to four fields for marching practice, each of them lined by an OHSAA-certified official. Scaffolding is provided at midfield for band director and select staff member use.

When bands are not on the field, they take advantage of many recreational opportunities offered both on-campus and in town. Our dining hall and recreation room doubles as a ballroom for end-of-camp dances. Facilities are available for a late-night pizza and movie party, and the Bluffton village pool has served as a destination for several marching bands as well.

Band camp rates are reasonable and all meals are provided on campus by Bluffton University Dining Services. Menus are available in advance and dining services staff can work with individuals with special dietary needs.

Residential facilities can vary in terms of amenities available, and air conditioning is available in select residence halls.

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