Civic Engagement Theme

A civic engagement theme is assigned each academic year by a faculty/staff committee. This theme permeates campus discussions and activities in student life programming, academic classes, Forum presentations, religious life services and many more venues. While the theme primarily infuses existing programming, one specially designed activity is Civic Engagement Day, which occurs late in spring semester. This day is a chance for individuals, student groups, classes, the theme scholar, service learning agencies and others to present their work to the campus community. Opportunities for service are also a part of the day. Civic Engagement Day provides a stimulating opportunity for the community to celebrate the broad impact that the theme has had across campus.
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Integrity, Truth, Virtue: Bluffton's honor code in the world

Bluffton’s honor code is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. For 100 years, Bluffton students have been taught to uphold the community of respect throughout their campus interactions. For the 2017-18 anniversary year, we will explore Bluffton’s legacy of honor on campus and among graduates in the context of larger conversations about integrity and truth. What habits are formed in the community of Bluffton University that may not be present in other, competing narratives of honor? How do ideas of honor, truth and integrity vary in different contexts and cultures? Can upholding a firm sense of honor ever lead to less than honorable actions? How might integrity and respect be embodied in various disciplines or work contexts? What habits supporting honor and integrity are embedded in our athletic teams and might be applied in other areas? In our careers and professions, how might we treat clients, patients, competitors, suppliers or audiences for “internal” reasons of character and not just compliance to “external” standards? We look forward to many enriching conversations as we explore together these significant questions throughout the year.

June 2017