Women's Studies at Bluffton College

The purpose of a minor in Women’s Studies is to provide students with an opportunity to explore the historical experiences of women, including the achievements of women and the obstacles they have faced; contemporary issues that affect women’s lives; scholarly writings and creative works by women; and the methodologies employed to assess women’s lives. While this interdisciplinary minor includes the study of gender as an analytic category and social construction, its primary focus is on the diversity and meaning of women’s lives. Courses provide students with an opportunity to pursue in-depth study of how issues of concern to women are addressed and understood in various disciplines.

The minor is designed to:

1) promote the interdisciplinary study of women;
2) promote a scholarly understanding of the current issues women face academically, professionally and personally;
3) examine the impact of cultural attitudes and social structures on women’s lives;
4) explore the diversity of women’s experiences across race, culture and class;
5) gain an understanding and appreciation for women’s contributions in the arts, sciences and other arenas;
6) engage in scholarly discourse that allows for the integration of this content with students’ fields of study; and
7) foster a spirit of community among women’s studies faculty and students, and a commitment to work toward the goal of a just and equitable world.

Minor (21 hours)

Core course:
SWK 185 Women in Society: Contemporary Issues (3)

Elective courses: (18 hours, selected from at least four different disciplines)
Interdisciplinary elective courses are included based on their significant content devoted to women’s issues.
ART 380 Studies in Art: Women Artists
COM 300 Women, Men and Language
ENG 180 Themes in Literature: Women in Medieval Literature
FCS 100 Human Ecology
FCS 123 Aesthetics and Communication of Dress
FCS 273 History of Costume and Culture
HIS 310 U.S. Women’s History
REL 312 Exegetical Studies: Women in the Old Testament
REL 320 Historical and Theological Studies: Black and Womanist Theology
SOC 208 Sociology of the Family
SOC 320 Family Violence

Additional courses offered by departments under an umbrella title or departmental independent studies, e.g., science, music, HPER, psychology, education, will be considered for approval if appropriate content is demonstrated.

Modified 10/27/00