OT Period Play-by-Play

  Olivet College vs. Bluffton University
  Date: 09/15/15  • Site: Bluffton, Ohio

OT Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [96:42].
Olivet College 4, Bluffton University 3
[96:42]  GOAL by OLIVETW Isabelle Leon {shot from in the box}, goal number 4 for season.
[94:19]  Offside against Olivet College.
[93:03]  Shot by BUWS15 Amanda Merrell, SAVE Deanna Zolnoski {shot from top of box}.
[91:42]  Shot by BUWS15 Brittany Huff, SAVE Deanna Zolnoski {shot from far left wing}.
[91:37]  OLIVETW substitution: Ann Fetzer for Jeanette Fisher.
[91:37]  Foul on Olivet College Jeanette Fisher.
[90:32]  Offside against Olivet College.
 Start of OT period [90:00].