1st Period Play-by-Play

  Ohio Midwestern vs. Bluffton University
  Date: 11/26/14 • Site: Bluffton, Ohio (Sommer Center)

1st Period Play-by-Play
00:05OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Patrick WhiteBumb15 40 - OMW 30(Bumb15 by 10)
  ASSIST by Thayne Recker
00:32Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Billy TaflingerBumb15 40 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 12)
00:42OMWTURNOVR by Patrick White
  REBOUND (OFF) by Ahmad Dauda
00:53OMWMISSED JUMPER by Stephen Alford
  ASSIST by Billy Taflinger
01:10Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Thayne Recker (fastbreak)Bumb15 38 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 10)
01:13Bumb15STEAL by Billy Taflinger
01:14OMWTURNOVR by Stephen Alford
  ASSIST by Zach Rumbaugh
01:31Bumb15GOOD! DUNK by Thayne Recker (fastbreak)Bumb15 36 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 8)
01:33Bumb15STEAL by Billy Taflinger
01:34OMWTURNOVR by Brennan Gross
  ASSIST by Ryan Ebbeskotte
01:51Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Thayne Recker (fastbreak)Bumb15 34 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 6)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
01:58OMWMISSED JUMPER by Brennan Gross
  ASSIST by Ryan Ebbeskotte
02:25Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Billy TaflingerBumb15 32 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 4)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Joshua Woodrich
02:37Bumb15MISSED TIP-IN by Thayne Recker
  REBOUND (OFF) by Thayne Recker
02:39Bumb15MISSED 3 PTR by Ryan Ebbeskotte
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
02:49OMWMISSED JUMPER by Ahmad Dauda
  ASSIST by Thayne Recker
03:13Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Joshua WoodrichBumb15 30 - OMW 28(Bumb15 by 2)
03:36OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Patrick WhiteBumb15 28 - OMW 28Tied
03:36Bumb15FOUL by Ryan Ebbeskotte
03:36OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Patrick White (fastbreak)Bumb15 28 - OMW 27(Bumb15 by 1)
03:39OMWSTEAL by Patrick White
03:40Bumb15TURNOVR by Billy Taflinger
03:55OMWTURNOVR by Derray Johnson
03:55OMWFOUL by Derray Johnson
04:09Bumb15GOOD! FT SHOT by Thayne ReckerBumb15 28 - OMW 25(Bumb15 by 3)
04:09Bumb15GOOD! FT SHOT by Thayne ReckerBumb15 27 - OMW 25(Bumb15 by 2)
04:09OMWFOUL by Stephen Alford
04:27OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Patrick WhiteBumb15 26 - OMW 25(Bumb15 by 1)
04:27OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Patrick WhiteBumb15 26 - OMW 24(Bumb15 by 2)
04:27Bumb15FOUL by Joshua Woodrich
  REBOUND (DEF) by Patrick White
04:27Bumb15MISSED 3 PTR by Ryan Ebbeskotte
04:35OMWBLOCK by Patrick White
04:35Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Ryan Ebbeskotte
04:40Bumb15STEAL by Zach Rumbaugh
04:42OMWTURNOVR by DeVoe Armstrong
  REBOUND (DEF) by Derray Johnson
04:48Bumb15MISSED 3 PTR by Zach Rumbaugh
  ASSIST by Derray Johnson
05:13OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Patrick White (fastbreak)Bumb15 26 - OMW 23(Bumb15 by 3)
05:18OMWSTEAL by Derray Johnson
05:20Bumb15TURNOVR by Blake Green
05:35Bumb15TIMEOUT 20sec
  ASSIST by Brennan Gross
05:36OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Ahmad Dauda (fastbreak)Bumb15 26 - OMW 21(Bumb15 by 5)
05:39OMWSTEAL by Brennan Gross
05:40Bumb15TURNOVR by Billy Taflinger
05:52OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Ahmad DaudaBumb15 26 - OMW 19(Bumb15 by 7)
05:52OMWMISSED FT SHOT by Ahmad Dauda
05:52Bumb15FOUL by Ryan Ebbeskotte
06:10Bumb15GOOD! FT SHOT by Billy TaflingerBumb15 26 - OMW 18(Bumb15 by 8)
06:10OMWFOUL by Derray Johnson
  ASSIST by Ryan Ebbeskotte
06:10Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Billy Taflinger (fastbreak)Bumb15 25 - OMW 18(Bumb15 by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
06:17OMWMISSED JUMPER by Brennan Gross
  REBOUND (DEF) by DeVoe Armstrong
06:25Bumb15MISSED JUMPER by Billy Taflinger
  ASSIST by DeVoe Armstrong
06:46OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Brennan GrossBumb15 23 - OMW 18(Bumb15 by 5)
  ASSIST by Ryan Ebbeskotte
07:09Bumb15GOOD! JUMPER by Billy Taflinger (in the paint)Bumb15 23 - OMW 16(Bumb15 by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
07:28OMWMISSED LAYUP by DeVoe Armstrong
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brennan Gross
07:35Bumb15MISSED 3 PTR by Zach Rumbaugh
07:41Bumb15STEAL by Ryan Ebbeskotte
07:42OMWTURNOVR by Michael Thompson
07:50OMWSTEAL by Derray Johnson
07:51Bumb15TURNOVR by Thayne Recker
08:15OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Derray JohnsonBumb15 21 - OMW 16(Bumb15 by 5)
08:15OMWGOOD! FT SHOT by Derray JohnsonBumb15 21 - OMW 15(Bumb15 by 6)
08:15Bumb15FOUL by Andrew Finley
08:15OMWSTEAL by Derray Johnson
08:15Bumb15TURNOVR by Austin McDonald
08:20OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Brennan Gross (in the paint)Bumb15 21 - OMW 14(Bumb15 by 7)
08:51Bumb15FOUL by Billy Taflinger
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michael Thompson
08:57Bumb15MISSED FT SHOT by Trey Elchert
08:57OMWFOUL by Derray Johnson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Joshua Woodrich
09:15OMWMISSED JUMPER by Derray Johnson
  ASSIST by Michael Blunk
09:37Bumb15GOOD! 3 PTR by Zach RumbaughBumb15 21 - OMW 12(Bumb15 by 9)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michael Blunk
09:49OMWMISSED LAYUP by Brennan Gross
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michael Thompson
09:58Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Billy Taflinger
  REBOUND (DEF) by Trey Elchert
10:11OMWMISSED 3 PTR by Patrick White
  ASSIST by Trey Elchert
10:32Bumb15GOOD! JUMPER by Billy TaflingerBumb15 18 - OMW 12(Bumb15 by 6)
10:35OMWFOUL by Kodey Jackson
10:53OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Derray JohnsonBumb15 16 - OMW 12(Bumb15 by 4)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kodey Jackson
11:00OMWBLOCK by Ahmad Dauda
11:00Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Michael Blunk
11:05OMWBLOCK by Kodey Jackson
11:05Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Zach Rumbaugh
11:20OMWFOUL by Patrick White
11:36OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Derray Johnson (in the paint)Bumb15 16 - OMW 10(Bumb15 by 6)
  ASSIST by Joshua Woodrich
11:50Bumb15GOOD! 3 PTR by Zach RumbaughBumb15 16 - OMW 8(Bumb15 by 8)
12:21OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Patrick White (fastbreak)Bumb15 13 - OMW 8(Bumb15 by 5)
12:23OMWSTEAL by Patrick White
12:25Bumb15TURNOVR by Thayne Recker
12:35Bumb15STEAL by Joshua Woodrich
12:37OMWTURNOVR by DeVoe Armstrong
12:50Bumb15FOUL by Austin Rohde
  ASSIST by Zach Rumbaugh
13:01Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Thayne ReckerBumb15 13 - OMW 6(Bumb15 by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Joshua Woodrich
13:18OMWMISSED JUMPER by Brennan Gross
  ASSIST by Andrew Finley
13:45Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Joshua Woodrich (fastbreak)Bumb15 11 - OMW 6(Bumb15 by 5)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Thayne Recker
13:53OMWMISSED 3 PTR by Michael Thompson
14:12Bumb15FOUL by Andrew Finley
14:24OMWTIMEOUT 20sec
14:36Bumb15GOOD! FT SHOT by Ryan EbbeskotteBumb15 9 - OMW 6(Bumb15 by 3)
14:36Bumb15GOOD! FT SHOT by Ryan EbbeskotteBumb15 8 - OMW 6(Bumb15 by 2)
14:36OMWFOUL by Michael Thompson
14:49OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Stephen AlfordBumb15 7 - OMW 6(Bumb15 by 1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michael Thompson
15:08Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Thayne Recker
  ASSIST by Michael Thompson
15:39OMWGOOD! JUMPER by Brennan GrossBumb15 7 - OMW 4(Bumb15 by 3)
15:41Bumb15FOUL by Austin Rohde
15:55OMWTIMEOUT 20sec
  ASSIST by Andrew Finley
15:57Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Thayne ReckerBumb15 7 - OMW 2(Bumb15 by 5)
16:22OMWFOUL by Kodey Jackson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
16:22OMWMISSED 3 PTR by Derray Johnson
  ASSIST by Billy Taflinger
16:58Bumb15GOOD! 3 PTR by Ryan EbbeskotteBumb15 5 - OMW 2(Bumb15 by 3)
17:17OMWTURNOVR by Kodey Jackson
17:17OMWFOUL by Kodey Jackson
17:20OMWSTEAL by Patrick White
17:23Bumb15TURNOVR by Ryan Ebbeskotte
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ryan Ebbeskotte
17:27OMWMISSED 3 PTR by Michael Thompson
  REBOUND (OFF) by Kodey Jackson
17:38OMWMISSED LAYUP by Ahmad Dauda
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kodey Jackson
17:45OMWBLOCK by Kodey Jackson
17:45Bumb15MISSED LAYUP by Ryan Ebbeskotte
  REBOUND (DEF) by Billy Taflinger
17:53OMWMISSED LAYUP by Michael Thompson
  ASSIST by Ryan Ebbeskotte
18:20Bumb15GOOD! LAYUP by Thayne ReckerBumb15 2 - OMW 2Tied
18:46OMWGOOD! LAYUP by Patrick WhiteOMW 2 - Bumb15 0(OMW by 2)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Michael Thompson
19:06OMWMISSED LAYUP by Michael Thompson
19:20OMWSTEAL by Derray Johnson
19:23Bumb15TURNOVR by Andrew Finley
19:25OMWFOUL by Ahmad Dauda
19:48OMWTURNOVR by Ahmad Dauda