Welcome to Bluffton College Men's Basketball

We are very proud of our college and our men's basketball program here at Bluffton College. Our basketball program is one that we refer to as a total program and a teaching program.

There is more to Bluffton College basketball than just what goes on between the lines on the court. We work hard to further develop our young men to their fullest potential on and off the court so they are better prepared for the biggest game of them all -- the game of life.

Below you will find an outline of the various aspects of our total program. We hope this outline will give you a better idea of the areas that are stressed in our program on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis throughout the entire calendar year.

I. Program Philosopy

  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Have goals
  • Be organized
  • Be disciplined
  • Hard Work
  • Promote the program

II. Philosophy of Coaching

  • Develop our student-athletes to their fullest potential through the total program

III. Philosophy of Recruiting

  • Life-line of the program
  • Recruit good people and families
  • Knowledge
  • Organization
  • Work, Work, Work!

IV. Recruiting Organization

  • List (master/top 30)
  • Mailings (mass/individual)
  • Calls - start to build the relationship
  • Files
  • School visits (fall)
  • Campus visits/Basketball Day (fall)
  • Game observation (winter)
  • Our game visits (winter)
  • Home visits (spring)
  • Campus visits (spring)
  • Summer leagues/camps

V. Academic Program

  • Team Goals
  • Academice Book (schedules, syllabi, notes)
  • Study table sessions
  • Individual academic meetings
  • Communication with professors

VI. Philosophy of Basketball

  • Teach the game - Fundamentally sound
  • Play Hard
  • Mentally tough - minimize mental mistakes
  • Play as a TEAM
  • Enjoy this great game!

VII. Style of Play

  • Winning style
  • Half court defense foundation
  • Aggressive, up-tempo but organized and smart on offense
  • Play hard with passion and enthusiasm

VIII. Practice Philosophy

  • Look and Practice like we want to play
  • Organized and structured
  • Teach the game
    • fundamental drills that are competitive
    • team situations
    • whole-part-whole method

XI. Promote the Total Program

  • Team
  • Athletic Department
  • College
  • Local community